Afterschool Snack Service

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The Afterschool Snack Service is supported by cash reimbursement from the National School Lunch Program to schools providing afterschool activities aimed at promoting the health and well-being of children and youth in our community. A school must provide an organized, structured and supervised environment including educational or enrichment activities. Competitive interscholastic sports teams are not an eligible afterschool program.

For more information or questions about the Afterschool Snack Service, please contact a member of the Child Nutrition staff.

Afterschool Snack Service Quick Guide (pdf)

To qualify for reimbursement for snacks, an afterschool program must meet the following criteria:

  • The program must be administered by the Local Education Agency (LEA) operating the National School Lunch Program.
  • The purpose of the program must be to provide care in an afterschool setting and must include regularly scheduled, structured, and supervised activities.
  • The program must include educational or enrichment activities. Any extracurricular activities can qualify under this provision only if their basic purpose is to provide after-school care. Examples of these activities may include the school choir, debate team, drama society, etc.
  • Afterschool programs that are designed to accommodate special needs may be eligible to participate.
  • Programs that include supervised athletic activities may participate, provided the athletic activity is open to all and does not limit membership for reason other than space or security.
  • The after school program must be operated by the LEA and not some other organization, although the school does not have to use its personnel or regular school facilities.
  • The LEA must retain final administrative and management responsibility for the program, including the program site.
  • The LEA for the school must enter into an agreement with the Maine Department of Education and must assume full responsibility for meeting all program requirements, although the LEA may arrange with another organization, such as a PTA, to operate the after-school program.
  • The site of the afterschool program must meet state or local health and safety standards.
  • A child's eligibility begins when his or her school day ends, not necessarily when school ends in the building. Therefore, a half-day kindergarten student in an afterschool care program may be served snacks while older students are still in session.

Local Education Agencies (LEAs) that choose to claim reimbursement for snacks must maintain the following records:

  • Rosters or sign-in sheets
  • Daily meal counts/check-off sheet
    • All free at area-eligible/site eligibility 50% or greater
    • By category at schools not designated as area-eligible
  • Production records and menus
  • Two required reviews
  • First 4 weeks of school/date the after school snack program started
  • 2nd review during the school year
  • ASSP Program Checklist and any additional documentation qualifying each after school care program to participate in the after school snack program

Program Planning & Operations