Aspirations FAQs

Aspirations Program Frequently Asked Questions

  • If a college does not have funds available for tuition may a parent or guardian pay the college’s portion?
    • No, the eligible institution must pay for their portion of the tuition in order to receive state funding.
  • How many courses can the high school student take?
    • Maximum 12 credits per academic year (Summer, Fall, Spring)
  • Where do the credits reside?
    • Credits and transcripts are issued by the college which the student attended.
  • Can I take classes from any college I choose?
    • Other institutions in the state may have similar programs; however, the eligible institutions are as follows:
      University of Maine System campuses and Maine Community College System campuses.
  • My student is a sophomore and wishes to participate in this program; are they eligible to take a class at one of the listed post secondary institutions?
    • Your child may be eligible if:
      • based on an assessment by the school administration, the student receives a recommendation to participate from the administration of his school or from one of his/her teachers and,
      • the post secondary institution approves of his/her participation in advance of enrolling in the program
  • Do I have to go to the college to take classes?
    • No, students may take online courses as well as on campus 
  • If I take classes at the college while in high school will I have to go through the admission process when I am ready to attend college after graduation?
    • Yes, you will go through the same application process as other students.
  • Is there an application process for the Aspirations Program?
    • Yes, please contact the institute where you are planning to take coursework.
  • Upon high school graduation does my student need to apply ONLY to a University of Maine (UMaine) campus or community college to receive credits from the program?
    • No.  The transcripts are issued by the partnering university or college and the student is free to apply at the postsecondary educational institution of their choice.
  • Will the credits transfer to other Colleges?
    • The registrar of the college or university in which your student is interested in (outside the UMaine System or the Community College) will determine if credits are accepted.
  • Can my student participate in the campus programs at the campus where they attend classes?
    • Most colleges and universities charge fees for campus life programs; only tuition is covered by Aspiration programs.
  • If my student is participating in the Aspiration program should they withdraw from Advance Placement courses?
    • Students can participate in both however; they should consider the workload and the time needed to successfully complete the courses.
  • As a parent, can I pay for extra courses for my child beyond what the Aspirations program provides?
    • Yes.  Please communicate with the Aspirations program coordinator at your high school or the participating college.
  • I recently learned of the Aspirations Program, who do I approach about enrolling my child into the program?
    • You should start with the guidance counselor or principal at your student’s high school.
  • Can my student receive tutorial services if they are struggling with the college course?
    • Some participating high schools or universities offer tutorial programs.  We could recommend that your child speak to the teacher first to obtain assistance.
  • Is the grading system used by the teachers in the Aspiration Program similar to the one used by the regular high school teachers?
    • College courses are more demanding and they have a higher degree of rigor than high school courses.  Their rigor is reflected in the grading system.

The Aspirations Program is funded by the Maine Legislature and authorized under Title 20-A, Chapter 208-A. The program is administered by the Maine Department of Education.