Cross Discipline Literacy Network Viewing Guide

How do you make the most of a recorded webinar? Review the suggestions that follow to enhance your viewing experience. 

What is a Webinar? If you have never before participated in a webinar, visit this site to learn basic webinar 101. Get a sense of how webinars operate when they are live so you can better understand how to view one that is archived.  Since you will be viewing CDLN webinars in archive and not participating in them live, the learning strategies you will use are similar to those you would use to view a video. Check out teachthought to learn more about effective video viewing.

Some of the webinars are text-based presentations. For these webinars, obtain a copy of the text and consider reviewing it before viewing the webinar. 

Here are some viewing strategies you might use when examining a webinar:

Each CDLN webinar explores strategies for supporting literacy development in a particular context. Selecting protocols that focus the viewing and study of webinar content can be useful.  The following protocols are well designed for these purposes:

Most of the webinars include an examination of student work. Check out this protocol for enhancing examination of student work from the School Reform Initiative

Thinking about using an archived webinar during a professional learning event in your school? Check out these protocols for structuring a professional learning experience.