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  • October EPS reporting will open on 10/1.

    • Please note that this year we have removed the 'Request Refresh' button logic. The report will now automatically refresh hourly (per the countdown directly to the right of this notice) throughout the reporting period unless a section of the report has been certified. If you are attempting to make changes and the report is not refreshing/updating please check for certification. 

  • Staff has been rolled over to the 23-24 school year and new staff can now be entered. All Existing staff have been set to 'In Progress' and must be reviewed then re-submitted to make them active.

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Data Systems

Data Systems Logins

NEO Login Synergy Login MEIS Login 

Data systems require accounts to access. Accounts can be requested via the below access form.

Data Systems Access

Access Request Form

The access request form is used to grant, or update, access to our three data systems (linked above). In order to be granted access the requestor must ensure their district has entered them into NEO Staff. 

Data Systems Training

State Reporting System Training Registration

Data systems training can be initiated for new employees, or anyone who would like a refresher on our systems. This training is one on one with our Education Data Quality Trainer, AlLee Cookson.