MTSS Leadership Framework



Team Leadership


School level team

At the heart of a MTSS is the school level team.  Sometimes known as a school improvement team, this team acts as the principal problem-solving driver for the entire MTSS.  The school level team identifies and addresses school-level barriers, monitors and supports the development of systems, establishes and maintains a robust educator support system, monitors implementation fidelity, and analyzes student outcome data.  

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grade level team

A grade level team is sometimes referred to as a continuous improvement team.  Many schools utilize grade level teams that meet regularly to discuss grade level (or sometimes a span of grades) practices, instruction, effectiveness of instruction, student growth, and in some cases team policies, behavior, and areas/needs for improvement.

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classroom level team

At the head of the classroom team is the primary teacher.  As the classroom teacher, they are responsible for creating a learning environment that is equitable, inclusive, and conducive to social, behavioral, and academic growth.  While not always viewed through a team lens, understanding how to harness the power if this team is a necessary step to providing inclusive supports at tiers 1, 2, and 3.

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Individual Student Team

The Individual Student Team initially consists of the teacher, student, and family or caregivers of the student.  Individual Student Teams sometimes get overlooked when considering the universal teaming structure of a school's MTSS framework, when in reality it is the team that may hold the most leverage in student success in school - as such, it is extremely important that efforts to establish this team from the start should be carefully considered.

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