MSP Programs & Services


  • Adult Education and HiSet
  • Alternatives to Violence Programs
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy/Program
  • College
  • Criminal Addictive Thinking
  • Impact of Crime
  • Inside-Out Dads / Parenting Program
  • Interpersonal Violence Programming
  • Intensive Mental Health Unit
  • Outpatient Substance Use Disorder Services
  • Reentry Programming
  • Restrictive Housing Program
  • Veteran's Program
  • Vocational Programming
  • WorkReady

Education Services

The Education Department offers a variety of academic and life skills programs.  Tutoring in literacy/remedial reading is provided by qualified prison tutors, literacy volunteers, and teachers.  All tutors are LVA certified.  Academic classes include basic computer instruction, GED prep, typing, English, horticulture, science, and college prep math.  College classes are also offered over ITV (interactive television).  Special programs, such as art, creative writing, music, literature, language, and a pre-release exit program, are also offered by the Education Department.

Mental Health Services

The Mental Health Service Department assures assessment and treatment planning for all residents with major mental illnesses or behavioral disorders. Treatment includes individual supportive counseling, cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, group therapy, and psychopharmacological medications as indicated. The department also provides crisis intervention, discharge planning, staff training, and psycho-educational groups, e.g. anger management relapse prevention, sex offenders. The mental health staff work closely with security and medical personnel, as well as with other agencies to provide consistency and continuity of patient-resident care and treatment.

Substance and Abuse Services

Individual Counseling - One on one counseling services provided to those who request it (focusing on recovery issues). Initial appointments address assessment and evaluation leading to development of a treatment plan, prioritizing treatment issues appropriate to the individual.The Substance Abuse Department provides the following services:

  • Group Counseling- Several closed time limited groups are offered:  Commitment to Change (10 weeks); Relapse Prevention (8 weeks); Return to Self-Relapse Prevention (12 weeks); Addiction 101 (15 hours) psycho-educational, small group (4 persons) and large group (12 persons); intensive six month 12 Step Group (3-7 participants).
  • Drop-In - Weekly group available to individuals on the waiting list.  Provides basic information on a variety of subjects, informative in nature.
  • Self-Help - Actively supports Ledge AA group.  Staff liaison working with administration, board members, community sponsors and volunteers to coordinate activities.  Also working with Medical Department on monthly support group for individuals with HIV virus.

Social Services

Maine State Prison provides varied social services to the resident population and serves the needs of the Department of Corrections.  All residents sentenced to the Maine State Prison are assigned to either a licensed Correctional Caseworker (L.S.W.) or a Correctional Care and Treatment Worker (C.C.T.W.) who will see the resident after his arrival.

The caseworker/CCTW assists the resident in developing an Individual Case Plan (I.C.P.), release plans as well as serving on the Unit Management Team and also frequently plays a role in defusing potentially disruptive situations.  These functions taken together serve to control institutional tensions and provide a more stable environment.

Industries Program

The Maine State Prison Industries Program includes a Wood Shop and Upholstery Shop.

  • Wood Shop - Wood products, from cutting boards to bureaus and hutches are hand-crafted by residents working in the Maine State Prison Wood Shop. Finishing of the products is done by residents working in the Finishing Shop. These work areas provide residents with a means of learning work ethics, marketable job skills and entry into the job market upon release. Products are sold through the Prison Showroom with monies used to support industries and craft programs, which involve approximately 100 residents.
  • Upholstery Shop - The upholstery shop at the Maine State Prison makes cushions, canvas bags, and more for sale in the Prison Showroom.  Residents hand sand chairs under contract between the Maine State Prison and private business. Chair caning and rush roping are also done in the upholstery shop.
  • Small Products Line - The Maine State Prison Small Products Line provides an opportunity for residents to work on wood novelties during their recreation time. All program participants must first complete a safety training course, where they are taught the safety basics of all machinery.   Items from the Small Products Line are made for sale in the Prison Showrooms in Windham and Thomaston.


There are several resident self-help groups at the Maine State Prison including AA, Jaycees, Long Timer's, HIV Peer Education, Yokefellow, and NAACP. All groups meet on a weekly basis and report to a staff person designated as liaison. Some of the groups also include volunteers from the community who meet inside the prison on a regular basis.


The Chaplains offer extensive pastoral counseling on a weekly basis.

  Activities   Faith Group Services
  • Yokefellows Groups
  • Christian Prayer Groups
  • Christian Bible Studies
  • Wiccan Study Group
  • Others as requested and approved.
  • Christian Fellowship Services
  • Catholic Mass
  • Neo-Pagan Monthly Worship Service
  • Muslim Prayer Group
  • Witnesses of Jehovah
  • Native American
  • Buddhist
  • Others as requested and approved.

Shared Resources with Bolduc Correctional Facility

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