MSP - Board of Visitors

LEGISLATION34-A MRSA section 3001-A: The Governor shall appoint a board of 5 visitors for each correctional facility under the department, as authorized by Title 5, section 12004, subsection 10.

MISSION: The Maine State Prison Board of Visitors is an oversight and advisory committee of citizens appointed by the Governor of the State of Maine to represent the interests of the people of Maine in prison matters.

Chosen for their varied orientations, interests, and experience in corrections and rehabilitation issues, board members attend to questions and concerns about public safety and security, prison staff safety and well-being, resident health and safety, and prison industries and programs.

Current members of the Board of Visitors are:

  • William Schneider of Durham
  • Perry Gates of Camden - Chair
  • Jonathan Wilson of Brooklin
  • Denise Altvater of Perry
  • Wendelanne Augunas of Camden

Meeting dates and locations:

April 20th - remote
June 16th - TBD
September 16th - TBD
December 15th - TBD

To contact the Board of Visitors, you may write to:

Board of Visitors
Maine State Prison
807 Cushing Road
Warren ME 04864