Engineering Division

The Engineering Division is comprised of a Director, Secretary Associate, Engineering Tech III, Master Carpenter and a Carpenter.  These five professionals are responsible for the department's infrastructure and are on call 24/7 for emergencies. 

The Engineering Division is responsible for the planning, design, construction, maintenance and repairs of the following department owned facilities:

  • Seven (7) regional offices (Gray, Sidney, Jonesboro, Strong, Greenville, Enfield, and Ashland, and a leased facility in Bangor that houses a Warden Division and the Fisheries and Wildlife Research offices) as well as the central office in Augusta which is leased also.
  • Eight (8) fish culture stations
  • Over 62 wildlife management areas.
  • Over 250 seabird nesting islands
  • 224 buildings, structures, housing units, remote camps, fish pathology laboratory, engineering building and storage buildings
  • Maine Wildlife Park located in Gray
  • 77 dams and 113 fishways
  • To date, nearly 127 boat access sites across the state

These facilities are the full responsibility of the Department. 

The Engineering Division provides construction management, inspection, and testing for capital improvement projects for the department.

The Engineering Division provides administrative services necessary to operate all regional facilities and assists with contracts and procurement for the department.

They also assist Warden Service, Fisheries, and the Wildlife divisions with special projects.

The role of the Division of Engineering is to maintain the Department's infrastructure.  i.e. (hatcheries, dams, headquarter facilities, fishways, boat access sites, wildlife management areas, the Maine Wildlife Park, and other structures).  Provide design, inspection, and repair of Department owned facilities.  Our role is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the general public and Department personnel.  We do everything that we can to make accessing and using department facilities and properties safe and environmentally responsible for the public and users of our facilities.