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Alternative Education Information

What is Alternative Education?

"Alternative education is a perspective, not a procedure or a program. It is based upon the belief that there are many ways to become educated, as well as many types of environments and structures within which this may occur. Further, it recognizes that all people can be educated and" that is in society's interest to ensure .this" To accomplish this requires that we provide a variety of structures and environments such that each person can find one that is sufficiently comfortable to facilitate progress. (Fizzell, 1990)


  • Alternative Education is a means of ensuring that every young person may find a path to the educational goals of the community.

  • Alternative Education is a means of providing choices to enable each person to succeed and be productive.

  • Alternative Education is a means of recognizing the strengths and values of each individual by seeking and providing the best available options for all students.

(Dr. Raymond E. Morley)