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Updated 10/10/12

2011-12 AYP Results and Explanatory Material

The 2011-12 Adequate Yearly Progress status of schools is based on a combination of their previous AYP status and whether they met academic, test participation and attendance/graduation targets in the 2010-11 testing cycle. AYP status must be reported to the U.S. Department of Education and reported publicly by the Maine Department of Education.

The academic targets for 2010-11 testing increased significantly. The targets are the percentage of students who must be proficient in reading and in math. Proficient means students meet or exceed the standards in the content area. The targets must be met by the student population as a whole and also in eight subgroups: students with disabilities; economically disadvantaged; limited English proficient; and five ethnic groups.
In order for schools to make Adequate Yearly Progress in 2011-12, they had to meet the following targets in 2010-11 testing.

  • Reading, grades 3-8: 75 percent of students must be proficient (up 9 percentage points from the previous year)
  • Reading, grade 11: 78 percent of students must be proficient (up 7 percentage points)
  • Math, grades 3-8: 70 percent of students must be proficient (up 10 percentage points)
  • Math, grade 11: 66 percent of students must be proficient (up 12 percentage points)

Schools also had to show a participation level in accountability testing of at least 95 percent in each category and average daily attendance of at least 93 percent in grades 3 through 8 for all subgroups, up one percentage point from last year. For high schools, a graduation rate of 83 percent or greater was required. Several schools did not meet the attendance or graduation requirements this year for the first time.

Of the 608 Maine public schools, the 2011-12 AYP status breaks down as follows:

  • 184 are “making AYP,” which means students at all tested levels, in all subgroups, are meeting the annual targets in both math and reading (this is down from 276 last year)
  • 155 schools are in “monitor” status, meaning they were “making AYP” in 2010-11, but did not meet targets in at least one subject in the 2010-11 testing; if these schools meet targets in the current testing year, they will go back to “making AYP” status (181 schools were in monitor status last year)
  • 203 schools are in “Continuous Improvement Priority Schools” (CIPS) status; this means that they have not met targets for at least two years in a row (last year, 137 schools were in CIPS status)
  • 20 schools are in “CIPS on hold” status, meaning they are poised to come off the CIPS list; these are schools that were in CIPS status last year and met all their targets this year; if they meet the targets again next year, their status will be “making AYP”
  • There are 29 schools with no AYP status – for some of these schools there is no testing data (K-2 schools and grade 6-7 schools; also new schools with only one year of data); some may be School Improvement Grant schools, which are granted a fresh slate under federal law.
  • Reviews on 17 schools are still pending.

Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) Accountability: School Status 2011-2012
Based on 2010-2011 Maine State Assessment Data
Final Update, May 2012

Final 2011-12 AYP Status by School (Updated May 2012) in Excel

Subgroup reporting codes:                                         
W-whole group                               
A-Asian/Pacific islander
B-Black /African American                                           
H- Hispanic                                                         
I-American Indian/ Native American                      
E-Economically disadvantaged                  
S-Students with Disabilities                                        
L-Limited English Proficient                                         
Additional codes:
SWP_ Schoolwide Title I programming
TAS_ Targeted Title I programming
GR- Graduation Rate
ADA-Average Daily Attendance
CIPS-R*-Targets not met for more than 6 years                                                
SS- Small School Formula (Fewer than 20 students in three years)                                                                                                            

SH-Safe Harbor (School did not met annual targets, but meet improvement requirements, and ADA or GR for the subgroup.)         

Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) Accountability: District Status 2011-2012
Based on 2010-2011 Maine State Assessment Data
Final Update, May 2012

Final 2011-12 AYP Status by District (Updated May 2012) in Excel

Contact:  Rachelle Tome via email or at 624-6705