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NCLBA Title IID Competitive Grant FY 2010
Enhancing Education Through Technology
Regional Professional Development and Mentoring MLTI/eMINTS

ARRA Grant Funds Open Educational Resource Research and Professional Development

The Maine Department of Education in 2005 chose to adopt the eMINTS model of professional development for integrating technology in teaching and learning, a fitting companion to the MLTI technology integration training. Initially the Title IID grants supported the deployment of nine regional trainer/mentors certified by the eMINTS National Center to provide Comprehensive eMINTS training to sixty teachers in sixty districts across the state.

Reductions in TItle IID funding resulted in reducing of the number of trainer/mentors to just seven. A US Department of Education review finding required that technology integration training be offered to one hundred fourteen districts. As a result trainer/mentors began offering "Custom MLTI/eMINTS" professional development programs. The goal is to provide at least thirty-two hours of professional development focused on district/school need, targeted at providing teachers the training needed to support improved student achievement.

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Historical Information on TitleIID Competitive Grant

No Child Left Behind Title IID
Enhancing Education Through Technology
MLTI/eMINTS Regional Trainer/Mentors

Regional 1 - Northern Aroostook - Ed Latham
Fiscal Agent - MSAD 24

Regional 2 - Southern Aroostook, Northern Penobscot - Anne Ireland
Fiscal Agent - MSAD 70

Region 3 - Downeast/ Washington and Hancock Counties - Dawn Fernandez
Fiscal Agent - MSAD 37

Region 4 - Upper Kennebec - Martha Thibodeau
Fiscal Agent - MSAD 59

Region 5 - Mid-Coast/Lower Kennebec - Becky Ranks
Fiscal Agent - Richmond Schools

Region 6 - Western Maine - Jim Burke
Fiscal Agent - MSAD 44

Region 7 - Southern Maine - Olga LaPlante
Fiscal Agent - Westbrook Schools



Title IID Competitive Grants Historical Information