U.S. Senate Youth Program

US Senate buildingThe United States Senate Youth Program (USSYP), established in 1962 by U.S. Senate Resolution, is a unique educational experience for outstanding high school students.

The 62nd annual United States Senate Youth Program Washington Week was held March 2-9, 2024. The program was a comprehensive public service, leadership and education experience including speakers from the three branches of government and the national media, and each delegate received a $10,000 undergraduate college scholarship in the name of the United States Senate. Read the most recent press release here.


Senator Susan Collins with delegates Ryan Hafener and Claire Ouellette

Senator Susan Collins with delegates Ryan Hafener and Claire Ouellette

Senator Angus King with delegates Claire Ouellette and Ryan Hafener

Senator Angus King with delegates Claire Ouellette and Ryan Hafener

Maine delegates are nominated by their principal and must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  1. Students are permanent residents of the U.S., and one of their parents or guardians is a legal resident of Maine.
  2. Students are juniors or seniors living in Maine and attending a Maine high school through graduation in 2024.
  3. Students must be interested in and participating in leadership, public service and government related activities.
  4. Students must be able to attend the entire 2024 Washington Week, March 2-9, 2024.
  5. Students must be approved by high school principal (or designated representative) as the only nominee from school that the student is attending.
  6. Students must have been elected or appointed to a qualifying leadership post for the current school year. Qualifying leadership posts include, but are note limited to:
    • Member or officer of student council, student senate or equivalent student government organization
    • Class officer – president, vice president, secretary or treasurer
    • Student representative on a district-, regional- or state-level civic and/or educational organization

Application Process for the 2023-24 School Year

  • Early September: Information and instructions communicated to Maine educators and administrators. Each high school building principal may nominate only one eligible student for consideration.
  • October 13 (11:59pm): Deadline for completed applications to be sent via email to:
    • Beth Lambert, Maine USSYP Coordinator - beth.lambert@maine.gov
    • Any applications received on October 14 or later, will not be considered.
    • Any incomplete applications will not be considered and the applicant will not be contacted.
  • No later than October 27: Up to 10 finalists will be notified of advancement to the final round.
  • Early November: The finalists will convene for a final competition with the selection committee hosted by the Margaret Chase Smith Library.
  • December 1: Deadline for Hearst Foundation to be notified of Maine's two delegates and two alternates.
  • January: The two finalists and two alternates will be notified and announced.

Application information:
2024 U.S. Senate Youth Program Brochure
2023 U.S. Senate Youth Program Digital Yearbook

2023-24 Application Materials

Congratulations to the 2023 winners:

Congratulations to previous winners listed below! You can also read about the past experiences of Maine’s USSYP delegates in their own words:

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2022 - Fallon Eggett

2021 - Iann Leigh

2021 - Hilton Scott Peterson

2020 - Elena Clothier

2020 - Michael Delorge

2019 - Joseph Bergeon

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2018 - Caroline Baldacci

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