Mathematics - Programs & Initiatives

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The Maine Department of Education coordinates a variety of mathematics programs, policies and initiatives. These programs include recognition programs for teachers and students and initiatives geared toward strengthening aspects of mathematics education in the State.




  • Career & Technical Education (CTE) Intersections Workshops. Maine DOE began this work in May 2015. These events brought CTE, English Language Arts (ELA) and mathematics instructors together to start the task of finding where learning intersections exist.
  • Early Mathematics Development Interview (EMDI). Maine Department of Education, with the support of many teacher leaders and the Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance (MMSA), worked to align the EMT screeners to numeracy concepts in the state standards. The EMDI formative interview tools can be found here. Professional development on use of the tools is strongly encouraged. 
  • Maine Online Opportunities for Sustained Education (MOOSE). Integrated across subject areas and project-based, these asynchronous modules ensure that learning is active, engaging, and continuous. Modules could be utilized for enhancing lessons, remediation, enrichment, credit recovery, or for use during remote learning – whenever a student cannot access classroom instruction. Each module is designed around the essential question, “How do I Interact with and Impact My World?” Modules are organized by grade level in grades pk-5 and by grade span for grades 6-8 and 9-12.  View the informational video of the MOOSE Modules.
  • Math4ME. A Professional Development Model for Supporting Special Educators. The Maine Department of Education has chosen, as its State Systemic Improvement Plan, to implement an evidence-based ongoing professional development and coaching model to improve mathematics proficiency of students with disabilities. This initiative has been named Math4ME ("Math for Maine") and is currently in the pilot implementation stage with multiple districts in the Central Maine area.
  • Math in Career & Technical Education (CTE). Math in CTE is a model of instruction developed and tested by the National Research Council for Career and Technical Education, which relies on a partnership between a CTE teacher and a mathematics teacher to improve CTE student mathematics achievement.
  • The Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics & Science Teaching. The Presidential Awards Program recognizes outstanding mathematics and science educators. To see other Maine DOE-related awards and recognition for individual or groups of educators.