Dispositions are behaviors, attitudes, and habits of mind that shape a person's learning and development over time. They are important for lifelong learning because they enable learners to approach new challenges with curiosity, flexibility, and perseverance. Dispositions in learning promote a growth mindset and give learners the "tools" to embrace challenges as opportunities rather than obstacles to overcome.



Logical reasoning, Open-mindedness, Self-reflection, Skepticism, Willingness to take risks, Empathy, Continuous learning, Persistence, Risk-taking, Critical thinking, Self-awareness, Reflectiveness, Problem-solving, Open minded, Inquiry, 


Perseverance, Open-mindedness, Responsibility, Respect, Willingness to take risks, Empathy, Respect for evidence, Continuous learning, Patience, Humility, Persistence, Critical thinking, Appreciation, Self-awareness, Reflectiveness, Appreciation of diversity, Active listening, Initiative, Self-motivation, Respect for others ideas and perspectives, Open minded, Civic minded, Tolerance, Cooperation, Leadership, Personal responsibility, Self-discipline, Teamwork, Time management, Credibility, Accountability, 


Respect, Responsibility, Respect, Flexibility, Attention to detail, Systematic thinking, Respect for evidence, Adaptability, Patience, Persistence, Confidence, Appreciation, Self-awareness, Reflectiveness, Appreciation of diversity, Active listening, Problem-solving, Respect for other's ideas and perspectives, Active participant, Positive attitude, Personal responsibility, Self-discipline, Teamwork, Time management, Professional and technical writing 


Open-mindedness, Self Reflection, Flexibility, Attention to detail, Systematic thinking, Willingness to take risks, Empathy, Adaptability, Continuous learning, Patience, Persistence, Risk-taking, Critical thinking, Problem-solving, Self-motivation, Open minded, Inquiry, Positive attitude,

Perseverance, Responsibility, Self-reflection, Respect, Flexibility, Attention to detail, Systematic thinking, Empathy, Respect for evidence, Adaptability, Patience, Humility, Persistence, Critical thinking, Appreciation, Self-awareness, Reflectiveness, Appreciation of diversity, Active listening, Problem-solving, Respect for others ideas and perspectives, Open minded, Tolerance, Inquiry, Active participant, Positive attitude, Cooperation, Personal responsibility, Teamwork, Time management,