MOOSE Cyber Security Learning Progression

Cyber Security

As we live in an increasingly technological world, we are faced with complex decisions around our identity, livelihoods, and social well-being. Navigating this environment and understanding the risks we expose ourselves and others to on a regular basis can be important to living our lives. The landscape asks us to balance risks with opportunities, both personally and professionally.

What is Cyber Security? Cyber Security, for our purposes, centers around being safe online. Every time we go online there is information being created about where we are, what we look at, who we talk to and what we buy. It is important to understand what it means to be online so we can navigate it while keeping those close to us, and ourselves, safe. 

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In the earliest grades, students will be asked the question: What is the internet and how can we navigate it safely? This will allow them to explore how to use the internet safely and independently.

Grades 3-5 will answer the question: What happens to the information we look at and leave behind? Students will explore the meaning of Legacy, introduce themselves to being safe with Social Media, and understanding that what gets put on the internet doesn't leave.
Middle and high schoolers will explore the ethics of being on social media and in other online communities, as well as looking into the Ethics of Hacking and how to make a career out of it.