HP Help Desk

Technical support is available 6:00 am – 10:00 pm local time at: 1-855-9enabled (1-855-936-2253).  Support is also available at support@enabled121.com.


Open call via Portal

The primary method for submitting issues to the Help Desk for resolution is to create tickets from the Portal. To create a support ticket in the Portal:

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Navigate to https://hp.enabled121.com.
  3. Enter the credentials (username and password) provided to you when you were issued your device.
  4. Once logged into the portal, click Create Ticket. The Create Ticket window opens.
    • From: This field is pre-populated with the email address of the current user.
    • To: This field is pre-populated. By default tickets are sent to Instant which adds it to a ticket queue. It is from this queue that anyone working Help Desk may take tickets to begin resolution. You may also assign a ticket to yourself if you are the one who will perform the work.
    • Importance: This field is set to Normal by default. A normal priority ticket has a 24-business hour response time. If a problem is more or less urgent, a ticket may also be submitted as High (4 business hours), Emergency (1 business hour), or Low (3 business days).
    • Subject: This field should contain a brief summary of the issue, problem, or defect.
    • Type of Problem: This list has the most common types of issues submitted to the Help Desk. If your issue is listed, please select it and add the additional information requested. Click the Update button when you’ve entered all the information requested. If your specific issue is not listed under Type of Problem, leave it assigned to Other.
    • Description: Enter any details here that were not included in the Ticket Template Form you filled out. 
  5. Review all information in the ticket.
  6. Click the Submit button.

Open call via Phone

The Help Desk is available Monday through Friday from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM, Monday through Friday, excluding Holidays. When contacting the Help Desk, be prepared to provide:

    • The asset tag number of the device (located on the asset tag, below the battery compartment of your device)
    • Description of the problem

You might also be asked additional questions to establish your identity. Any HP-LTI device user may contact the Help Desk for support at 855-9enabled (855-936-2253). 

Open call via Email

To automatically create a ticket via email, send an email message to help@enabled121.com.

    • The subject line should contain a brief summary of your problem or request.
    • The body of the email should contain as much supporting detail as is required to resolve the issue.

If you send your message outside of regular support hours, expect a response from the Help Desk as soon as possible once scheduled support hours resume.

Note: If you do not have or cannot remember your email address, you can still contact the Help Desk at 855-9enabled (855-936-2253) or submit a ticket via the Portal for assistance.