Life and Career Ready

Galaxy image of the back of a woman standing on a vista looking out at the mountains in the distance with her arms raised above her head and her thumbs up. Text in picture:  The journey to becoming a thriving adult begins in childhood, continues for an entire lifetime, and is built upon life skills that bring together social, emotional, and cognitive acts of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses.

Career Development is not Isolated from Human Development 

What does it mean to be life and career-ready? 

Career readiness is a process that informs individuals about career opportunities, helps them identify their talent, become aware of how their talent transfers into a wide range of occupational opportunities, and enables them to make effective decisions on the academic and post high school pathways that will enable them to pursue their career and life goals.  ~Coalition for Career Development Center

Assisting Students in Preparing for Career Opportunities