Curiosity and Inquiry

child with magnifying glass Curiosity and inquiry spark imagination and inspire a love of learning. Encouraging children to explore, ask questions, seek answers, and express themselves ignites the innate curiosity in all children. Wonder aloud, discover natural interest, ask open-ended questions, and above all, let kids be kids. 

MOOSE Modules

Comparing Creatures: What Makes Me Who I am?

Why Do Animals Live Where They Live?

Maine’s Science Academic Standards:

  • Maine Learning Results: Science & Engineering aka NGSS [begins on p93]. Science is a way of knowing about the world that enables people to both engage in the construction of knew knowledge and to use information to achieve desired ends. 
  • Multi-State Alternate Assessment (MSAA) Extended Performance Expectations. The Extended Science Expectations [EPEs] are Maine’s alternate achievement standards in science.  These standards are derived from the Next Generation Science Standards, reduced in complexity and deconstructed into smaller, more accessible steps for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities.  The EPEs are the building blocks of Maine’s alternate assessment in science, the MSAA Science.
  • Maine's Early Learning and Development Standards (MELDS) These guidelines direct State and local early care and education practitioners’ efforts to improve early childhood professional practice and programs for children from age three through their entrance into kindergarten. The science MELDS [begin on p83] were modeled and developed to align to NGSS.