Conceptual Understandings

While the term conceptual understanding might be new to you, the idea may be familiar.  Conceptual understandings, or generalizations, are statements that show a relationship between concepts.  They help us design engaging, relevant units for your students by providing a bigger picture of the content.  Conceptual understandings can help students gain a deeper understanding of content and transfer their learning to new situations.

Key Terms
As you work through this module, here are a few key terms that might help you.  Conceptual Understanding Key Terms

From Concept-Based Inquiry in Action

What are conceptual understandings?

In this video, we go over what conceptual understandings are, how to write them, and when to use them.  At the end, there are some reflection questions that might be helpful as you begin to write your own conceptual understandings.

Supporting Documents

Building Conceptual Understandings Template

Relationship Verb List

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