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Welcome! There is a "can-do" spirit in Maine and a strong sense of place. Maine's education community is tight-knit and committed to creating learning spaces that meet students where they are, tap into their curiosity, and guide their learning in relevant, impactful ways. Maine honors and values the expertise of its educators. Maine teachers have the autonomy to design their instructional experiences and curriculum decisions are made locally at the school and school administrative unit level. Go to Certification and Credentialing to learn more about becoming certified to teach or lead in a Maine school. If you are employed as a teacher outside of Maine or if you are transitioning from a career outside of education to teaching in Maine, go to the  Maine Public Employees Retirement System fact sheet for some important information. 

The Maine Teacher of the Year Program honors the contributions and elevates the voices of Maine's classroom teachers. Maine State and County Teachers of the Year exemplify the energy and passion of Maine's teachers as so clearly demonstrated in this heartfelt message.  



Diana Doiron
Education Workforce Development Specialist
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