Continuity of Learning - Visual Performing Arts

The following are suggestions for engaging community partners in Visual and/or

Performing Arts enrichment activities.

Although the research to support method/approach may be targeted at one or more grade levels/spans, please consider enacting any/all of these approaches in your school and/or community, as appropriate.



Contact your local art museum/performing arts venue Many community art museums/performing arts venues have infrastructure to support Summer learning/enrichment.
Contact your local Community Center/Library Explore their capacity to offer programming that could explore arts integration into other areas (science, technology, mathematics, engineering, ELA, Social Studies, Languages, etc.)
Contact your local park/ecology partner There are many positive links to arts education/development of empathy with connections to nature as inspiration.
Contact The Maine Arts Commission for assistance in finding teaching artists in your region The Maine Arts Commission has a robust directory of vetted teaching artists who could potentially provide Summer programming to student groups.  
Ask your staff to provide cross-content/interdisciplinary learning experiences for your students There is a great deal of research to suggest that integrating opportunities for arts exploration into learning experiences of other content areas benefit students in a holistic way.  
Consider incorporating arts educator-led arts activities coupled with other content areas to increase student engagement Research suggests that incorporating routine arts activities into a variety of learning environments with all varieties of population (traditional, special services, ELL, etc.) can greatly increase student engagement.  
Explore offering concentrated arts enrichment opportunities to students of special populations (special services, ELL, lower socio-economic status, etc.) Improvements in speech processing, vocabulary building, etc. can be enhanced through arts-specific and arts-related opportunities.  


Schools are also encouraged to direct students to the asynchronous learning modules found on the MOOSE platform.  There are many arts-integrated learning pathways to be explored at all grade spans.