Student Leadership

State Board of Education Student Representative
Student Representative on the Maine State Board of Education

Since 2008, the Maine State Board of Education has had two nonvoting student members who join the Board as high school juniors and serve for two years. Students are appointed by the Governor, confirmed by the Maine Senate, and, except for voting, have full privileges and responsibilities of Board membership.

Group picture of student cabinet
Maine DOE Student Cabinet

A collaboration with the Maine State Board of Education, the Maine Department of Education Student Cabinet is a group of students representing all 16 counties in Maine that meet quarterly with the Commissioner to discuss educational opportunities, improvements, and policy. The purpose of the Student Cabinet is to provide a forum for Maine students’ voices to be heard. Cabinet members are appointed through an application process.

Student advisory
Maine DOE Student Advisory

The Maine Department of Education's Student Advisory is a group of students that communicate with the Student Cabinet and the Maine DOE about topics important to students. Any student in Maine can be part of the Student Advisory! The Student Advisory is an additional opportunity for Maine students to share their ideas and concerns about education in Maine.