MaineCare Seed Reports

MaineCare Quarterly Schedule


Linked below are the cumulative MaineCare Seed Adjustments posted on the ED279 by school administrative unit.

FY 24 (Excel) FY 23 (Excel) FY 22 (Excel) FY 21 (Excel) FY 20 (Excel) FY 19 (Excel)
FY 18 (Excel) FY 17 (Excel)  

  • MaineCare Seed/Match procedures for services provided by Public School Administrative Units (SAUs) and Special Purpose Private Schools (SPPSs)

    • The Maine Department of Education advances funds to the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Office of MaineCare each year to cover the entire cost of the State Seed/Match portion of each eligible claim. The Maine DOE then recovers the cost of the State Seed/Match by adjusting subsidy of responsible SAUs.


Denise Towers
MaineCare Seed Contact
Phone: 207-624-6863