Maine Through Year Assessment: Math & Reading


What is assessed?

  • Maine's accountability standards: the Common Core State Standards in Reading and Math

Who participates in the Maine Through Year Assessment?

  • Students in grades 3-8 and 2nd year of high school

What is the format of the assessment?

  • Online (Paper-based forms are available as an accommodation per an IEP or 504 plan.)

When is the assessment given?

  • Fall (Required): September 16, 2024 - October 25, 2024
  • Winter (Optional): January 6, 2025 - February 14, 2025
  • Spring (Required): April 14, 2025 - May 30, 2025 (The spring administration will be closed April 21-25 for spring break.)

Assessments are untimed and can be split into multiple sessions as needed.


Assessment results are not considered final until after data clean-up and validation.

Spring 2024 Maine Through Year Assessment Reporting Timeline: A letter to Superintendents and District Assessment Coordinators

2024-25 assessment resources will be posted as they become available.

Resources for Maine Through Year Assessment

Structure of the Maine Through Year Assessment video

A Tale of Three Assessments: What are the similarities and differences between the Maine Through Year Assessment, NWEA's MAP Growth Assessment, and the Maine Science Assessment?

Quick Reference Guide

Spring 2024 Assessment Coordinator Training: March 21 and March 26, 2024


Professional Learning Opportunities


Quick Reference Videos:

Transition to the Maine Through Year Assessment Q&A - Updated October 12, 2023

2023-24 Manuals and Guides

ALL manuals and guides can be found on our Maine Through Year NWEA Connection page: 

NWEA's Professional Learning Online

2023-24 For Students

For Teachers and Curriculum Coordinators 

For Technology Coordinators


Technology Updates

For District and School Assessment Coordinators

Spring 2024 Assessment Reset Process Flow

For Parents (2023-24)

Spring 2023 Technical Report and Appendices: 

The Spring 2023 Maine Through Year Assessment Technical Report provides technical information regarding the following topics:

  • Test Design and Development
  • Administration and Security
  • Item Statistics, Calibration, and Scaling
  • Technical Quality and Validity
  • Inclusion of All Students
  • Achievement Standards and Reporting

Technical Report Appendices

Memorandum: MTYA Winter 2024 Math Administration (Grades 3 & 4): Please reach out to Krista Averill at if you have any questions regarding the information contained in the memorandum.


Assessment Blueprints: All items on the Maine Through Year Assessment are aligned to the Common Core State Standards. The assessment blueprints specify targets for the distribution and number of operational score points aligned to each content category.

Through Year Assessment Item Development

General Achievement Level Descriptors: Achievement level descriptors define the characteristics of student performance on the state assessment at each of the four achievement levels: Well Below, Below, At, and Above State Expectations. 

Achievement Level Explorer Tool: The Achievement Level Explorer Tool breaks down each of the General Achievement Levels by the grade-level standards assessed on the Maine Through Year Assessment in Reading and Math. 

Math Reference Sheet: This reference/formula sheet is provided to all students on the math assessment in the fall, winter (optional), and spring. This is accessible within the assessment platform, and paper copies may be distributed to students. Please see below for Math Reference Sheet translations:

Desmos Calculators

RIT to Concept Reference: You can enhance the instruction of students who scored within a given RIT score range with these word lists and associated concepts.

Item Type Samplers
The following item type samplers represent grade-level content in math and grade-span content in reading similar to content in the summative portion of the Maine Through Year Assessment. Item type samplers provide students the opportunity to become familiar with the platform and interact with the various tools provided.


Online Item Type Sampler (in web browser)

If you are having difficulties accessing the online Item Type Sampler, please try clearing your cache.

Math Online Item Type Sampler Answer Keys

Reading Online Item Type Sampler Answer Keys


Paper Item Type Samplers





2023-24 Accessibility Guide

Supplemental Resource for Text-to-Speech

2023-24 Human Reader Protocol

2023-24 Accommodated Paper-Based Assessment Request Form Note: For the Through Year Assessment, selecting braille form as an accommodation for a student during the registration process will automatically generate a braille order to be shipped to your school. Guidance for Human Reader for Reading Passages (Grades 6+)
Scoring & Reporting

Scoring and Reporting Q&A Document

Reports Interpretive Guide

RIT Score Comparability

Understanding Maine's Achievement Levels in Reading and Math from Spring 2021 to Spring 2023:

  • Full version (3 pages): Contains details regarding norm-referenced means and standard deviations as well as cut score tables
  • One-pager: An abbreviated version for those seeking a brief overview of changes from Spring 2021 to Spring 2023

Student Score Data File Format: The Student Score Data File is a csv file available at the SAU-level that includes all test event information for all students in the SAU. It can be accessed by those with the District Assessment Coordinator role in MARC (MAP Growth platform).

Accessing Maine Through Year Assessment Data for the Comprehensive Needs Assessment

Individual Student Report (ISR) Template Translations

Spring 2024 Individual Student Report Template Translations

Spring 2024 Supplemental Page for Families

Grade 3 (English)

Grade 4 (English)

Grade 5 (English)

Grade 6 (English)

Grade 7 (English)

Grade 8 (English)

High School (English)


If you are a Maine parent/guardian with an exceptionality who requires an alternate format to access any of the above resources, please reach out to Assessment Team Office Specialist Daniella Crone at:

2023-24 Resources for MAP Growth Assessment Reports

How to move students between districts

MAP Growth Information from the Maine Through Year Assessment - Overview 

MAP Growth Information from the Maine Through Year Assessment - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Condensed Reports Portfolio

How to manage users in MAP Growth

MAP Growth report details

ME MAP Growth Rostering Quick Guide

Krista Krista Averill
Assessment Coordinator
Phone: 207-215-6528


For technical support with the Acacia or MAP Growth platforms, please contact:

NWEA Maine Partner Support: (855) 430-1777 

(7:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. EST)