Maine Science Assessment


What is assessed?

  • Maine Science and Engineering Standards (i.e., the Next Generation Science Standards)
  • The assessment focuses on performance level expectations based on three-dimensional learning that incorporates science & engineering practices and cross-cutting concepts with disciplinary core ideas.

Who participates in the Maine Science Assessment?

  • Students in grades 5, 8, and 3rd year of high school

What is the format of the assessment?

  • Online (Paper-based forms are available as an accommodation per an IEP or 504 plan.)
  • Questions occur in clusters around a common problem scenario.

When is the assessment given?

  • High School: April 2-17, 2025
  • Grades 5 and 8: May 12-23, 2025
  • Three sessions. The 15-minute questionnaire will be removed starting in Spring 2025.


2024-25 assessment resources will be posted as they become available.



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Spring 2024 Manuals and Guides


Video Tutorials & Webinars

Lockdown Browser Installation Training (March 28, 2024)

Rostering & Accessibility (April 11, 2024) Proctoring & Accessibility (April 25, 2024)

Spring 2024 Proctor Training Video - Required for ALL Proctors


Practice Assessments and Tutorials


Questions & Answers - Updated February 7, 2024


A Tale of Three Assessments: What are the similarities and differences between the Maine Science Assessment, the multiple administrations of the Maine Through Year Assessment, and NWEA's MAP Growth assessment?


Spring 2023 Technical ReportThe Spring 2023 Technical Report details the following:

  • Test design and development
  • Assessment administration
  • Item-level scoring
  • Classical item analysis
  • Calibration and scaling
  • Reliability
  • Score reporting
  • Validity
  • Student performance

Assessment Blueprints: All items on the Maine Science Assessment are aligned to a science topic and to a specific performance expectation. To ensure ample coverage of all grade-level science topics, the blueprint specifies targets for the minimum and maximum number of operational score points aligned to each topic. 

Achievement Level Descriptors: The Achievement Level Descriptors (ALDs) documents are intended to be used as a guideline to describe the four levels of achievement on the Maine Science Assessment: Well Below, Below, At, and Above State Expectations.  The ALDs are written to align with the Next Generation Science Standards. 

Released Items: Released items are test questions that are no longer in use and have been made available to the public. The "For Student" copy resembles a test booklet. The "For Teachers" version contains the answer key, standards alignment, and rubrics for constructed-response questions.

Grade 5 Released Items:

Grade 8 Released Items:

High School Released Items:



2023-24 Accessibility Guide

Supplemental Guidance for Text-to-Speech

2023-24 Human Reader Protocol

Request Form for Paper-Based Assessments (Standard & Large Print)

  • Any braille needs should be communicated via email to Krista Averill, Assessment Coordinator, at 
Individual Student Report (ISR) Template Translations

Grade 5 (English)

Grade 8 (English)

High School (English)

 Krista Krista Averill
Assessment Coordinator
Phone: 207-215-6528