CNA Template & Guidance

Each public school must complete a Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA) in order to receive federal funds. All schools seeking Title I schoolwide authority must complete section 10 of the SAU Plan.

Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA)/SAU Consolidated Plan will be the only needs assessment required by Maine DOE. Each SAU's CNA informs the direction of each federal program funding source, and is a reflection of the school’s current state, practices, and functionality. The CNA creates a clear plan including the school’s current areas of strength, areas for improvement, and action.

The intent of the CNA is to create alignment between district and school goals, prevent the duplication of work and reporting to Maine DOE, to create a purposeful and meaningful approach to leverage state, local and federal funding.

Below is a list of resources provided to districts and schools during the spring and summer of 2018 to help them create a CNA.