How to Report New Hires

If you have a new hire to report, please use one of the following options to complete the process.

Option 1: If you are reporting more than 25 New Hires, you must use one our electronic options.  Please contact us at  to set up electronic reporting.

Option 2: Register through the New Hire Portal.

Option 3: Fax the New Hire Report Form (Word) to:

Local Number: (207) 287-6882
Toll Free: 1-800-437-9611 (in state only)

New Hire Reporting Instructions

Report each employee you hire, rehire or terminate. If you choose one of the Electronic Methods, you must use the specified file layout format. Your file can be submitted in the file upload link of the Maine New Hire online portal

New Hire Reporting Record Layout

We have two file format options for submitting new hire records electronically. Record definitions for Fixed Length Text (.txt) file and Comma Separated Values (.csv) file are listed below.

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