The Division of Support Enforcement has two business practices – Income Withholding and New Hire reporting that have transformed the child support program nationwide. Income Withholding Orders (IWOs) are sent to employers for collection of child support from a noncustodial parent’s wages; and Employer New Hire reporting is one of the most effective sources to locate responsible parents.

A majority of collections are paid through income withholding which means families are more likely to receive regular on-time payments they can depend upon and budget for.

We could not be successful without our essential partnerships with employers who play a critical role in the collection of child support. Your assistance is crucial in ensuring the financial security of children in Maine and elsewhere. Thank you for your help.

Screenshot of Employer Portal website

The New Hire Employer Portal

The portal allows you to report new hires, rehires or terminations. If you have multiple records to report, you may also upload a text file rather than entering them individually. If you are reporting more than 25 New Hires, you must use one our electronic options. Please contact us at MaineITCSEMETeam@maine.gov to set up electronic reporting. 

The registration process is quick and easy. You will receive an acknowledgment email with a PIN so you may begin using it immediately.

The portal address is: https://portal.maine.gov/newhire/.

Administrative Fee

Effective July 1, 2012, for every employee that has a wage withholding order for child support, you must deduct an additional $2 fee each time you deduct child support pursuant to Maine Statute, Title 19A, §2103 section 3.

Most often asked questions:

  • Does the $2.00 fee apply to all DHHS withholding orders – old and new? 
    • Yes.  Any withholding order currently in place needs to be increased to include the additional $2 fee.
  • Can the fee be remitted via ACH the same as the regular withholding amount?
    • Yes
  • Does the fee have to show as a separate ACH transaction?
    • No
  • Is there any special identifying information necessary for the fee other than the ID number already included with each payment in the ACH file?
    • No