OFI 101: MaineCare, SNAP and TANF

OFI 101 is a no-cost webinar for community partners and others who help people navigate OFI benefits. We welcome case managers, social workers, community partners, and others who help people navigate the OFI systems for MaineCare, SNAP, and TANF.

Pre-registration is required. No Continuing Education Units provided.

OFI 101 is an opportunity for case managers, social workers, and other social service providers to get insight into DHHS Office for Family Independence (OFI) programs. Our goal is to improve client access to necessary benefits and help community partners navigate the system more effectively on behalf of their clients, consumers, and participants.

Each discussion will cover:

  • Information about OFI Programs, including MaineCare, SNAP, TANF (including TANF-related programs like Emergency Assistance, Alternative Aid, and Parents as Scholars), and HOPE
  • A broad overview of OFI systems
  • A walkthrough of the eligibility process from application to decision. Topics covered include:
    • nonfinancial eligibility rules, including how immigration status affects eligibility
    • financial eligibility rules, including how OFI budgets for benefit eligibility and why LIHEAP matters so much for housed people receiving SNAP
    • program timeframes and compliance
  • How to use the My Maine Connection client web portal
  • How DHHS uses Releases of Information and Authorized Representative forms
  • Question-and-Answer period

Current Webinar Dates:

Webinars will be hosted on Microsoft Teams from 2:00-4:00 p.m.. Click on the link to register. If you have questions or need assistance with registration, email Jem Hodsdon.





About the presenters:

Jem Hodsdon (they/them) and Sean Emmons (he/him) are Regional Policy Specialists and trainers with the Office for Family Independence (OFI). As members of the Training Unit, they provide policy and process support for OFI Eligibility staff. In addition to their State service, Jem and Sean together also bring over two decades of experience working directly with unhoused individuals at Southern Maine shelters and related programs. Sean and Jem recognize the challenges that service providers face when trying to assist clients and consumers with their benefits. They hope to provide information that helps others navigate the Department’s processes.