Invasive Plant Management Program

Attention Woodland Owners and Natural Resource Professionals:

  • Invasive plants choke out native trees, shrubs, and wildflowers, and harm wildlife habitat in your woods!

This program will provide:

  • Training for natural resource professionals through a multi-day Invasive Plant Academy
  • Trained professionals can walk your property and will be certified through the Invasive Plant Academy to prepare Invasive Plant Control Plans. The Maine Forest Service will reimburse up to half the cost of your Invasive Plant Control Plan on public and private ownerships of 10-1,000 acres.
  • Once you have an approved Plan, you may apply to receive free invasive plant treatment done by a contractor hired by the Maine Forest Service
  • The program is set to roll out in the spring and summer of 2021. Contact Andy Shultz (207.287.8430, at the Maine Forest Service for eligibility requirements and a preliminary list of trained/certified professionals (coming April 2021) who can prepare a plan for your property. 
  • The free Invasive Plant Academy (first offering in May 2021) will train and certify natural resource professionals to participate in the program and prepare Invasive Plant Control Plans for your clients


Photos courtesy of the Maine Natural Areas Program