Forest Policy and Management

The Forest Policy and Management Division provides technical assistance, information and educational services to the public, forest landowners, forest products processors and marketers, municipalities and other stakeholders.

The division also implements the state's forest practices laws, including liquidation harvesting rules, providing outreach and enforcement services…

The division anticipates and responds to forest policy issues and reports to the public on the state of the forest resource.

The Forest Policy and Management Division provides technical assistance through educational workshops, field demonstrations, media presentations, and one-on-one contact between field foresters and landowners. Statute and bureau policy place limits on technical assistance to individual landowners.

Forest Policy and Management Division has three components:

  • Field Foresters who work with forest landowners and other stakeholders
  • Policy, planning and education specialists
  • Program specialists who oversee forest stewardship, forest protection, forest products utilization and marketing, and urban and community forestry programs

Maine Forestry Direct Link Loan Program
Incentive financing to reduce non-point source pollution risk on timber harvests sites in Maine.

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