District Foresters

The Maine Forest Service has 10 District Foresters who provide technical assistance and educational services to landowners, loggers, schools and educational institutions, municipalities and other stakeholders.

District Forester Field Staff Map (PDF | 1.03 MB)

Field Foresters conduct educational workshops, field demonstrations, media presentations and can provide limited one-on-one contact with individual landowners.

To find a District Forester enter the Town, County, or District Forester you are looking for in the Search box:

Town - County District Forester
Abbot - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
Acton - YorkOliver Markewicz
Adamstown Twp - OxfordMichael Richard
Addison - WashingtonMichael Jensen
Albany Twp - OxfordMichael Richard
Albion - KennebecAllyssa Gregory
Alder Brook Twp - SomersetJim Ferrante
Alder Stream Twp - FranklinJulie Davenport
Alexander - WashingtonMichael Jensen
Alfred - YorkOliver Markewicz
Allagash - AroostookRandy Lagasse
Alna - LincolnAllyssa Gregory
Alton - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Amherst - HancockMichael Jensen
Amity - AroostookDan Jacobs
Andover - OxfordMichael Richard
Andover North Surplus - OxfordMichael Richard
Andover West Surplus Twp - OxfordMichael Richard
Anson - SomersetJulie Davenport
Appleton - KnoxAllyssa Gregory
Appleton Twp - SomersetJim Ferrante
Argyle Twp - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Arrowsic - SagadahocShane Duigan
Arundel - YorkOliver Markewicz
Ashland - AroostookRandy Lagasse
Athens - SomersetJim Ferrante
Atkinson - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
Attean Twp - SomersetJim Ferrante
Auburn - AndroscogginShane Duigan
Augusta - KennebecAllyssa Gregory
Aurora - HancockMichael Jensen
Avon - FranklinJulie Davenport
Baileyville - WashingtonTerri Coolong
Bald Mountain Twp T2 R3 - SomersetJim Ferrante
Bald Mountain Twp T4 R3 - SomersetJim Ferrante
Baldwin - CumberlandShane Duigan
Bancroft Twp - AroostookDan Jacobs
Bangor - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Bar Harbor - HancockMichael Jensen
Baring Plt - WashingtonMichael Jensen
Barnard Twp - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
Batchelders Grant Twp - OxfordMichael Richard
Bath - SagadahocShane Duigan
Beals - WashingtonMichael Jensen
Beattie Twp - FranklinJim Ferrante
Beaver Cove - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
Beddington - WashingtonMichael Jensen
Belfast - WaldoAllyssa Gregory
Belgrade - KennebecAllyssa Gregory
Belmont - WaldoAllyssa Gregory
Benedicta Twp - AroostookDan Jacobs
Benton - KennebecAllyssa Gregory
Berry Twp - WashingtonMichael Jensen
Berwick - YorkOliver Markewicz
Bethel - OxfordMichael Richard
Biddeford - YorkOliver Markewicz
Big Lake Twp - WashingtonTerri Coolong
Big Moose Twp - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
Big Six Twp - SomersetDan Jacobs
Big Ten Twp - SomersetRandy Lagasse
Big Twenty Twp - AroostookRandy Lagasse
Big W Twp - SomersetJim Ferrante
Bigelow Twp - SomersetJulie Davenport
Bingham - SomersetJim Ferrante
Blaine - AroostookDan Jacobs
Blake Gore - SomersetJim Ferrante
Blanchard Twp - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
Blue Hill - HancockMichael Jensen
Boothbay - LincolnAllyssa Gregory
Boothbay Harbor - LincolnAllyssa Gregory
Bowdoin - SagadahocShane Duigan
Bowdoin College Grant East Twp - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
Bowdoin College Grant West Twp - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
Bowdoinham - SagadahocShane Duigan
Bowerbank - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
Bowmantown Twp - OxfordMichael Richard
Bowtown Twp - SomersetJulie Davenport
Bradford - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Bradley - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Bradstreet Twp - SomersetJim Ferrante
Brassua Twp - SomersetJim Ferrante
Bremen - LincolnAllyssa Gregory
Brewer - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Bridgewater - AroostookDan Jacobs
Bridgton - CumberlandShane Duigan
Brighton Plt - SomersetJim Ferrante
Bristol - LincolnAllyssa Gregory
Brooklin - HancockMichael Jensen
Brooks - WaldoAllyssa Gregory
Brooksville - HancockMichael Jensen
Brookton Twp - WashingtonTerri Coolong
Brownfield - OxfordMichael Richard
Brownville - PiscataquisTerri Coolong
Brunswick - CumberlandShane Duigan
Buckfield - OxfordMichael Richard
Bucksport - HancockMichael Jensen
Burlington - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Burnham - WaldoAllyssa Gregory
Buxton - YorkOliver Markewicz
Byron - OxfordMichael Richard
C Surplus - OxfordMichael Richard
Calais - WashingtonMichael Jensen
Cambridge - SomersetJim Ferrante
Camden - KnoxAllyssa Gregory
Canaan - SomersetJulie Davenport
Canton - OxfordMichael Richard
Cape Elizabeth - CumberlandOliver Markewicz
Caratunk - SomersetJim Ferrante
Caribou - AroostookRandy Lagasse
Carmel - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Carrabasset Valley - FranklinJulie Davenport
Carroll Plt - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Carrying Place Town Twp - SomersetJulie Davenport
Carrying Place Twp - SomersetJulie Davenport
Carthage - FranklinJulie Davenport
Cary Plt - AroostookDan Jacobs
Casco - CumberlandShane Duigan
Castine - HancockMichael Jensen
Castle Hill - AroostookRandy Lagasse
Caswell - AroostookRandy Lagasse
Cathance Twp - WashingtonMichael Jensen
Cedar Lake Twp - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Centerville Twp - WashingtonMichael Jensen
Chain of Ponds Twp - FranklinJulie Davenport
Chapman - AroostookRandy Lagasse
Charleston - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Charlotte - WashingtonMichael Jensen
Chase Stream Twp - SomersetJim Ferrante
Chebeague Island - CumberlandShane Duigan
Chelsea - KennebecAllyssa Gregory
Cherryfield - WashingtonMichael Jensen
Chester - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Chesterville - FranklinJulie Davenport
Chesuncook Twp - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
China - KennebecAllyssa Gregory
Clayton Lake Twp - AroostookRandy Lagasse
Clifton - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Clinton - KennebecAllyssa Gregory
Coburn Gore - FranklinJulie Davenport
Codyville Plt - WashingtonTerri Coolong
Columbia - WashingtonMichael Jensen
Columbia Falls - WashingtonMichael Jensen
Comstock Twp - SomersetJim Ferrante
Concord Twp - SomersetJulie Davenport
Connor Twp - AroostookRandy Lagasse
Cooper - WashingtonMichael Jensen
Coplin Plt - FranklinJulie Davenport
Corinna - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Corinth - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Cornish - YorkOliver Markewicz
Cornville - SomersetJulie Davenport
Cove Point Twp - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
Cox Patent - AroostookDan Jacobs
Cranberry Isles - HancockMichael Jensen
Crawford - WashingtonMichael Jensen
Criehaven Twp - KnoxAllyssa Gregory
Cross Lake Twp - AroostookRandy Lagasse
Crystal - AroostookDan Jacobs
Cumberland - CumberlandShane Duigan
Cushing - KnoxAllyssa Gregory
Cutler - WashingtonMichael Jensen
Cyr Plt - AroostookRandy Lagasse
Dallas Plt - FranklinJulie Davenport
Damariscotta - LincolnAllyssa Gregory
Danforth - WashingtonTerri Coolong
Davis Twp - FranklinJulie Davenport
Day Block Twp - WashingtonMichael Jensen
Days Academy Grant Twp - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
Dayton - YorkOliver Markewicz
Dead River Twp - SomersetJulie Davenport
Deblois - WashingtonMichael Jensen
Dedham - HancockMichael Jensen
Deer Isle - HancockMichael Jensen
Denmark - OxfordMichael Richard
Dennistown Plt - SomersetJim Ferrante
Dennysville - WashingtonMichael Jensen
Detroit - SomersetJulie Davenport
Devereaux Twp - WashingtonMichael Jensen
Dexter - PenobscotJim Ferrante
Dixfield - OxfordMichael Richard
Dixmont - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Dole Brook Twp - SomersetJim Ferrante
Dover-Foxcroft - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
Dresden - LincolnAllyssa Gregory
Drew Plt - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Dudley Twp - AroostookDan Jacobs
Durham - AndroscogginShane Duigan
Dyer Brook - AroostookDan Jacobs
Dyer Twp - WashingtonTerri Coolong
E Twp - AroostookDan Jacobs
Eagle Lake - AroostookRandy Lagasse
Eagle Lake Twp - PiscataquisDan Jacobs
East Machias - WashingtonMichael Jensen
East Middlesex Canal Grant Twp - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
East Millinocket - PenobscotTerri Coolong
East Moxie Twp - SomersetJim Ferrante
Eastbrook - HancockMichael Jensen
Easton - AroostookRandy Lagasse
Eastport - WashingtonMichael Jensen
Ebeemee Twp - PiscataquisTerri Coolong
Eddington - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Edgecomb - LincolnAllyssa Gregory
Edinburg - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Edmunds Twp - WashingtonMichael Jensen
Eliot - YorkOliver Markewicz
Elliottsville Twp - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
Ellsworth - HancockMichael Jensen
Elm Stream Twp - SomersetJim Ferrante
Embden - SomersetJulie Davenport
Enfield - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Etna - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Eustis - FranklinJulie Davenport
Exeter - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Fairfield - SomersetJulie Davenport
Falmouth - CumberlandOliver Markewicz
Farmingdale - KennebecAllyssa Gregory
Farmington - FranklinJulie Davenport
Fayette - KennebecAllyssa Gregory
Flagstaff Twp - SomersetJulie Davenport
Fletchers Landing Twp - HancockMichael Jensen
Forest City Twp - WashingtonTerri Coolong
Forest Twp - WashingtonTerri Coolong
Forkstown Twp - AroostookDan Jacobs
Forsyth Twp - SomersetJim Ferrante
Fort Fairfield - AroostookRandy Lagasse
Fort Kent - AroostookRandy Lagasse
Fowler Twp - WashingtonTerri Coolong
Frankfort - WaldoAllyssa Gregory
Franklin - HancockMichael Jensen
Freedom - WaldoAllyssa Gregory
Freeman Twp - FranklinJulie Davenport
Freeport - CumberlandShane Duigan
Frenchboro - HancockMichael Jensen
Frenchtown Twp - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
Frenchville - AroostookRandy Lagasse
Friendship - KnoxAllyssa Gregory
Frye Island - CumberlandShane Duigan
Fryeburg - OxfordMichael Richard
Gardiner - KennebecAllyssa Gregory
Garfield Plt - AroostookRandy Lagasse
Garland - PenobscotJim Ferrante
Georgetown - SagadahocShane Duigan
Gilead - OxfordMichael Richard
Glenburn - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Glenwood Plt - AroostookDan Jacobs
Gorham - CumberlandShane Duigan
Gorham Gore - FranklinJim Ferrante
Gouldsboro - HancockMichael Jensen
Grafton Twp - OxfordMichael Richard
Grand Falls Twp - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Grand Isle - AroostookRandy Lagasse
Grand Lake Stream Plt - WashingtonTerri Coolong
Gray - CumberlandShane Duigan
Great Pond - HancockMichael Jensen
Greenbush - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Greene - AndroscogginShane Duigan
Greenfield Twp - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Greenlaw Chopping Twp - WashingtonTerri Coolong
Greenville - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
Greenwood - OxfordMichael Richard
Grindstone Twp - PenobscotDan Jacobs
Guilford - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
Hallowell - KennebecAllyssa Gregory
Hamlin - AroostookRandy Lagasse
Hammond - AroostookDan Jacobs
Hammond Twp - SomersetJim Ferrante
Hampden - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Hancock - HancockMichael Jensen
Hanover - OxfordMichael Richard
Harfords Point Twp - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
Harmony - SomersetJim Ferrante
Harpswell - CumberlandShane Duigan
Harrington - WashingtonMichael Jensen
Harrison - CumberlandShane Duigan
Hartford - OxfordMichael Richard
Hartland - SomersetJulie Davenport
Haynesville - AroostookDan Jacobs
Hebron - OxfordMichael Richard
Hermon - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Hersey - AroostookDan Jacobs
Herseytown Twp - PenobscotDan Jacobs
Hibberts Gore - LincolnAllyssa Gregory
Highland Plt - SomersetJulie Davenport
Hiram - OxfordMichael Richard
Hobbstown Twp - SomersetJulie Davenport
Hodgdon - AroostookDan Jacobs
Holden - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Holeb Twp - SomersetJim Ferrante
Hollis - YorkOliver Markewicz
Hope - KnoxAllyssa Gregory
Hopkins Academy Grant Twp - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Houlton - AroostookDan Jacobs
Howland - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Hudson - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Indian Island - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Indian Stream Twp - SomersetJim Ferrante
Indian Twp Res - WashingtonTerri Coolong
Industry - FranklinJulie Davenport
Island Falls - AroostookDan Jacobs
Isle Au Haut - KnoxAllyssa Gregory
Isleboro - WaldoAllyssa Gregory
Jackman - SomersetJim Ferrante
Jackson - WaldoAllyssa Gregory
Jay - FranklinJulie Davenport
Jefferson - LincolnAllyssa Gregory
Jim Pond Twp - FranklinJulie Davenport
Johnson Mountain Twp - SomersetJim Ferrante
Jonesboro - WashingtonMichael Jensen
Jonesport - WashingtonMichael Jensen
Katahdin Iron Works Twp - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
Kenduskeag - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Kennebunk - YorkOliver Markewicz
Kennebunkport - YorkOliver Markewicz
Kibby Twp - FranklinJulie Davenport
Kineo Twp - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
King & Bartlett Twp - SomersetJulie Davenport
Kingfield - FranklinJulie Davenport
Kingman Twp - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Kingsbury Plt - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
Kittery - YorkOliver Markewicz
Knox - WaldoAllyssa Gregory
Kossuth Twp - WashingtonTerri Coolong
Lagrange - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Lake View Plt - PiscataquisTerri Coolong
Lakeville - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Lambert Lake Twp - WashingtonTerri Coolong
Lamoine - HancockMichael Jensen
Lang Twp - FranklinJulie Davenport
Lebanon - YorkOliver Markewicz
Lee - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Leeds - AndroscogginJulie Davenport
Levant - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Lewiston - AndroscogginShane Duigan
Lexington Twp - SomersetJulie Davenport
Liberty - WaldoAllyssa Gregory
Lily Bay Twp - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
Limerick - YorkOliver Markewicz
Limestone - AroostookRandy Lagasse
Limington - YorkOliver Markewicz
Lincoln - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Lincoln Plt - OxfordMichael Richard
Lincolnville - WaldoAllyssa Gregory
Linneus - AroostookDan Jacobs
Lisbon - AndroscogginShane Duigan
Litchfield - KennebecAllyssa Gregory
Little W Twp - SomersetJim Ferrante
Littleton - AroostookDan Jacobs
Livermore - AndroscogginJulie Davenport
Livermore Falls - AndroscogginJulie Davenport
Lobster Twp - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
Long A Twp - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Long Island - CumberlandOliver Markewicz
Long Pond Twp - SomersetJim Ferrante
Lovell - OxfordMichael Richard
Lowell - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Lowelltown Twp - FranklinJim Ferrante
Lower Cupsuptic Twp - OxfordMichael Richard
Lower Enchanted Twp - SomersetJulie Davenport
Lubec - WashingtonMichael Jensen
Ludlow - AroostookDan Jacobs
Lyman - YorkOliver Markewicz
Lynchtown Twp - OxfordMichael Richard
Machias - WashingtonMichael Jensen
Machiasport - WashingtonMichael Jensen
Macwahoc Plt - AroostookDan Jacobs
Madawaska - AroostookRandy Lagasse
Madawaska Lake Twp - AroostookRandy Lagasse
Madison - SomersetJulie Davenport
Madrid Twp - FranklinJulie Davenport
Magalloway Plt - OxfordMichael Richard
Manchester - KennebecAllyssa Gregory
Mapleton - AroostookRandy Lagasse
Mariaville - HancockMichael Jensen
Marion Twp - WashingtonMichael Jensen
Mars Hill - AroostookRandy Lagasse
Marshfield - WashingtonMichael Jensen
Masardis - AroostookRandy Lagasse
Mason Twp - OxfordMichael Richard
Massachusetts Gore - FranklinJulie Davenport
Matinicus Isle Plt - KnoxAllyssa Gregory
Mattamiscontis Twp - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Mattawamkeag - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Maxfield - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Mayfield Twp - SomersetJim Ferrante
Mechanic Falls - AndroscogginShane Duigan
Meddybemps - WashingtonMichael Jensen
Medford - PiscataquisTerri Coolong
Medway - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Mercer - SomersetJulie Davenport
Merrill - AroostookDan Jacobs
Merrill Strip Twp - FranklinJim Ferrante
Merrill Strip Twp - FranklinJulie Davenport
Mexico - OxfordMichael Richard
Milbridge - WashingtonMichael Jensen
Milford - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Millinocket - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Milo - PiscataquisTerri Coolong
Milton Twp - OxfordMichael Richard
Minot - AndroscogginShane Duigan
Misery Gore Twp - SomersetJim Ferrante
Misery Twp - SomersetJim Ferrante
Molunkus Twp - AroostookDan Jacobs
Monhegan Island Plt - KnoxAllyssa Gregory
Monmouth - KennebecAllyssa Gregory
Monroe - WaldoAllyssa Gregory
Monson - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
Monticello - AroostookDan Jacobs
Montville - WaldoAllyssa Gregory
Moose River - SomersetJim Ferrante
Moosehead Junction Twp - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
Moro Plt - AroostookDan Jacobs
Morrill - WaldoAllyssa Gregory
Moscow - SomersetJim Ferrante
Mount Abram Twp - FranklinJulie Davenport
Mount Chase - PenobscotDan Jacobs
Mount Desert - HancockMichael Jensen
Mount Katahdin Twp - PiscataquisDan Jacobs
Mount Vernon - KennebecAllyssa Gregory
Moxie Gore - SomersetJim Ferrante
Muscle Ridge Shoal - KnoxAllyssa Gregory
Naples - CumberlandShane Duigan
Nashville Plt - AroostookRandy Lagasse
Nesourdnahunk Twp - PiscataquisDan Jacobs
New Canada - AroostookRandy Lagasse
New Gloucester - CumberlandShane Duigan
New Limerick - AroostookDan Jacobs
New Portland - SomersetJulie Davenport
New Sharon - FranklinJulie Davenport
New Sweden - AroostookRandy Lagasse
New Vineyard - FranklinJulie Davenport
Newburgh - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Newcastle - LincolnAllyssa Gregory
Newfield - YorkOliver Markewicz
Newport - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Newry - OxfordMichael Richard
Nobleboro - LincolnAllyssa Gregory
Norridgewock - SomersetJulie Davenport
North Berwick - YorkOliver Markewicz
North Haven - KnoxAllyssa Gregory
North Yarmouth - CumberlandShane Duigan
North Yarmouth Academy Grant Twp - AroostookDan Jacobs
Northeast Carry Twp - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
Northfield - WashingtonMichael Jensen
Northport - WaldoAllyssa Gregory
Norway - OxfordMichael Richard
Oakfield - AroostookDan Jacobs
Oakland - KennebecAllyssa Gregory
Ogunquit - YorkOliver Markewicz
Old Orchard Beach - YorkOliver Markewicz
Old Town - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Oqiton Twp - HancockTerri Coolong
Orient - AroostookDan Jacobs
Orland - HancockMichael Jensen
Orneville Twp - PiscataquisTerri Coolong
Orono - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Orrington - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Osborn - HancockMichael Jensen
Otis - HancockMichael Jensen
Otisfield - OxfordMichael Richard
Owls Head - KnoxAllyssa Gregory
Oxbow Plt - AroostookDan Jacobs
Oxbow Twp - OxfordMichael Richard
Oxford - OxfordMichael Richard
Palermo - WaldoAllyssa Gregory
Palmyra - SomersetJulie Davenport
Paris - OxfordMichael Richard
Parkertown Twp - OxfordMichael Richard
Parkman - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
Parlin Pond Twp - SomersetJim Ferrante
Parmachenee Twp - OxfordMichael Richard
Parsonsfield - YorkOliver Markewicz
Passadumkeag - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Patten - PenobscotDan Jacobs
Pembroke - WashingtonMichael Jensen
Penobscot - HancockMichael Jensen
Perham - AroostookRandy Lagasse
Perkins Twp - FranklinJulie Davenport
Perkins Twp Swan Island - SagadahocShane Duigan
Perry - WashingtonMichael Jensen
Peru - OxfordMichael Richard
Phillips - FranklinJulie Davenport
Phippsburg - SagadahocShane Duigan
Pierce Pond Twp - SomersetJulie Davenport
Pittsfield - SomersetJulie Davenport
Pittston - KennebecAllyssa Gregory
Pittston Academy Grant - SomersetJim Ferrante
Pleasant Point - WashingtonMichael Jensen
Pleasant Ridge Plt - SomersetJulie Davenport
Plymouth - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Plymouth Twp - SomersetJim Ferrante
Poland - AndroscogginShane Duigan
Portage Lake - AroostookRandy Lagasse
Porter - OxfordMichael Richard
Portland - CumberlandOliver Markewicz
Pownal - CumberlandShane Duigan
Prentiss Twp T4 R4 NBKP - SomersetJim Ferrante
Prentiss Twp T7 R3 NBPP - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Presque Isle - AroostookRandy Lagasse
Princeton - WashingtonTerri Coolong
Prospect - WaldoAllyssa Gregory
Pukakon Twp - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Rainbow Twp - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
Randolph - KennebecAllyssa Gregory
Rangeley - FranklinJulie Davenport
Rangeley Plt - FranklinJulie Davenport
Raymond - CumberlandShane Duigan
Readfield - KennebecAllyssa Gregory
Redington Twp - FranklinJulie Davenport
Reed Plt - AroostookDan Jacobs
Richardsontown Twp - OxfordMichael Richard
Richmond - SagadahocShane Duigan
Riley Twp - OxfordMichael Richard
Ripley - SomersetJim Ferrante
Robbinston - WashingtonMichael Jensen
Rockland - KnoxAllyssa Gregory
Rockport - KnoxAllyssa Gregory
Rockwood Strip T1 R1 NBKP - SomersetJim Ferrante
Rockwood Strip T2 R1 NBKP - SomersetJim Ferrante
Rome - KennebecAllyssa Gregory
Roque Bluffs - WashingtonMichael Jensen
Roxbury - OxfordMichael Richard
Rumford - OxfordMichael Richard
Russell Pond Twp - SomersetJim Ferrante
Sabattus - AndroscogginShane Duigan
Saco - YorkOliver Markewicz
Saint Agatha - AroostookRandy Lagasse
Saint Albans - SomersetJulie Davenport
Saint Croix Twp - AroostookDan Jacobs
Saint Francis - AroostookRandy Lagasse
Saint George - KnoxAllyssa Gregory
Saint John Plt - AroostookRandy Lagasse
Saint John Twp - SomersetDan Jacobs
Sakom Twp - WashingtonTerri Coolong
Salem Twp - FranklinJulie Davenport
Sandbar Tract Twp - SomersetJim Ferrante
Sandwich Academy Grant Twp - SomersetJim Ferrante
Sandy Bay Twp - SomersetJim Ferrante
Sandy River Plt - FranklinJulie Davenport
Sanford - YorkOliver Markewicz
Sangerville - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
Sapling Twp - SomersetJim Ferrante
Scarborough - CumberlandOliver Markewicz
Scopan Twp - AroostookRandy Lagasse
Searsmont - WaldoAllyssa Gregory
Searsport - WaldoAllyssa Gregory
Sebago - CumberlandShane Duigan
Sebec - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
Seboeis Plt - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Seboomook Twp - SomersetJim Ferrante
Sedgwick - HancockMichael Jensen
Seven Ponds Twp - FranklinJulie Davenport
Shapleigh - YorkOliver Markewicz
Shawtown Twp - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
Sherman - AroostookDan Jacobs
Shirley - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
Sidney - KennebecAllyssa Gregory
Silver Ridge Twp - AroostookDan Jacobs
Skinner Twp - FranklinJim Ferrante
Skowhegan - SomersetJulie Davenport
Smithfield - SomersetJulie Davenport
Smyrna - AroostookDan Jacobs
Soldiertown Twp T2 R3 NBKP - SomersetJim Ferrante
Soldiertown Twp T2 R7 WELS - PenobscotDan Jacobs
Solon - SomersetJim Ferrante
Somerville - LincolnAllyssa Gregory
Soper Mountain Twp - PiscataquisDan Jacobs
Sorrento - HancockMichael Jensen
South Berwick - YorkOliver Markewicz
South Bristol - LincolnAllyssa Gregory
South Portland - CumberlandOliver Markewicz
South Thomaston - KnoxAllyssa Gregory
Southport - LincolnAllyssa Gregory
Southwest Harbor - HancockMichael Jensen
Spencer Bay Twp - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
Springfield - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Squaretown Twp - SomersetJim Ferrante
Stacyville - PenobscotDan Jacobs
Standish - CumberlandShane Duigan
Starks - SomersetJulie Davenport
Stetson - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Stetsontown Twp - FranklinJulie Davenport
Steuben - WashingtonMichael Jensen
Stockholm - AroostookRandy Lagasse
Stockton Springs - WaldoAllyssa Gregory
Stoneham - OxfordMichael Richard
Stonington - HancockMichael Jensen
Stow - OxfordMichael Richard
Strong - FranklinJulie Davenport
Sullivan - HancockMichael Jensen
Summit Twp - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Sumner - OxfordMichael Richard
Surry - HancockMichael Jensen
Swans Island - HancockMichael Jensen
Swanville - WaldoAllyssa Gregory
Sweden - OxfordMichael Richard
T1 R10 WELS - PiscataquisTerri Coolong
T1 R11 WELS - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
T1 R12 WELS - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
T1 R13 WELS - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
T1 R5 WELS - AroostookDan Jacobs
T1 R6 WELS - PenobscotDan Jacobs
T1 R8 WELS - PenobscotTerri Coolong
T1 R9 WELS - PiscataquisTerri Coolong
T10 R10 WELS - PiscataquisRandy Lagasse
T10 R11 WELS - PiscataquisRandy Lagasse
T10 R12 WELS - PiscataquisRandy Lagasse
T10 R13 WELS - PiscataquisRandy Lagasse
T10 R14 WELS - PiscataquisRandy Lagasse
T10 R15 WELS - PiscataquisRandy Lagasse
T10 R16 WELS - SomersetRandy Lagasse
T10 R3 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T10 R6 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T10 R7 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T10 R8 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T10 R9 WELS - PiscataquisRandy Lagasse
T10 SD BPP - HancockMichael Jensen
T11 R10 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T11 R11 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T11 R12 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T11 R13 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T11 R15 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T11 R16 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T11 R17 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T11 R3 NBPP - WashingtonTerri Coolong
T11 R4 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T11 R7 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T11 R8 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T11 R9 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T12 R10 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T12 R11 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T12 R12 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T12 R13 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T12 R14 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T12 R15 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T12 R16 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T12 R17 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T12 R7 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T12 R8 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T12 R9 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T13 R10 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T13 R11 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T13 R12 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T13 R13 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T13 R14 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T13 R15 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T13 R16 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T13 R5 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T13 R7 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T13 R8 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T13 R9 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T14 R10 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T14 R11 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T14 R12 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T14 R13 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T14 R14 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T14 R15 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T14 R16 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T14 R5 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T14 R6 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T14 R7 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T14 R8 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T14 R9 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T15 R10 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T15 R11 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T15 R12 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T15 R13 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T15 R14 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T15 R15 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T15 R5 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T15 R6 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T15 R8 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T15 R9 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T16 MD BPP - HancockMichael Jensen
T16 R12 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T16 R13 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T16 R14 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T16 R5 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T16 R6 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T16 R8 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T16 R9 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T17 R12 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T17 R13 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T17 R14 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T17 R4 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T18 MD BPP - WashingtonMichael Jensen
T18 R10 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T18 R11 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T18 R12 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T18 R13 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T19 ED BPP - WashingtonMichael Jensen
T19 MD BPP - WashingtonMichael Jensen
T19 R11 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T19 R12 WELS - AroostookRandy Lagasse
T2 R10 WELS - PiscataquisTerri Coolong
T2 R12 WELS - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
T2 R13 WELS - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
T2 R4 WELS - AroostookDan Jacobs
T2 R8 NWP - PenobscotTerri Coolong
T2 R8 WELS - PenobscotTerri Coolong
T2 R9 NWP - PenobscotTerri Coolong
T2 R9 WELS - PiscataquisTerri Coolong
T22 MD BPP - HancockMichael Jensen
T24 MD BPP - WashingtonMichael Jensen
T25 MD BPP - WashingtonMichael Jensen
T26 ED BPP - WashingtonMichael Jensen
T28 MD BPP - HancockMichael Jensen
T3 Indian Purchase Twp - PenobscotTerri Coolong
T3 ND BPP - HancockTerri Coolong
T3 R1 NBPP - PenobscotTerri Coolong
T3 R10 WELS - PiscataquisDan Jacobs
T3 R11 WELS - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
T3 R12 WELS - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
T3 R13 WELS - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
T3 R3 WELS - AroostookDan Jacobs
T3 R4 BKP WKR - SomersetJulie Davenport
T3 R4 WELS - AroostookDan Jacobs
T3 R5 BKP WKR - SomersetJulie Davenport
T3 R7 WELS - PenobscotDan Jacobs
T3 R8 WELS - PenobscotDan Jacobs
T30 MD BPP - WashingtonMichael Jensen
T32 MD BPP - HancockTerri Coolong
T34 MD BPP - HancockMichael Jensen
T35 MD BPP - HancockMichael Jensen
T36 MD BPP - WashingtonMichael Jensen
T37 MD BPP - WashingtonMichael Jensen
T39 MD BPP - HancockTerri Coolong
T4 Indian Purchase Twp - PenobscotTerri Coolong
T4 R10 WELS - PiscataquisDan Jacobs
T4 R11 WELS - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
T4 R12 WELS - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
T4 R13 WELS - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
T4 R14 WELS - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
T4 R15 WELS - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
T4 R17 WELS - SomersetJim Ferrante
T4 R3 WELS - AroostookDan Jacobs
T4 R5 NBKP - SomersetJim Ferrante
T4 R7 WELS - PenobscotDan Jacobs
T4 R8 WELS - PenobscotDan Jacobs
T4 R9 NWP - PiscataquisTerri Coolong
T4 R9 WELS - PiscataquisDan Jacobs
T40 MD BPP - HancockTerri Coolong
T41 MD BPP - HancockTerri Coolong
T42 MD BPP - WashingtonTerri Coolong
T43 MD BPP - WashingtonTerri Coolong
T5 R11 WELS - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
T5 R12 WELS - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
T5 R14 WELS - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
T5 R15 WELS - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
T5 R17 WELS - SomersetJim Ferrante
T5 R18 WELS - SomersetJim Ferrante
T5 R19 WELS - SomersetJim Ferrante
T5 R20 WELS - SomersetJim Ferrante
T5 R6 BKP WKR - SomersetJulie Davenport
T5 R7 BKP WKR - SomersetJim Ferrante
T5 R7 WELS - PenobscotDan Jacobs
T5 R8 WELS - PenobscotDan Jacobs
T5 R9 WELS - PiscataquisDan Jacobs
T6 ND BPP - WashingtonTerri Coolong
T6 R1 NBPP - WashingtonTerri Coolong
T6 R10 WELS - PiscataquisDan Jacobs
T6 R11 WELS - PiscataquisDan Jacobs
T6 R12 WELS - PiscataquisDan Jacobs
T6 R13 WELS - PiscataquisDan Jacobs
T6 R14 WELS - PiscataquisDan Jacobs
T6 R15 WELS - PiscataquisDan Jacobs
T6 R17 WELS - SomersetDan Jacobs
T6 R18 WELS - SomersetDan Jacobs
T6 R6 WELS - PenobscotDan Jacobs
T6 R7 WELS - PenobscotDan Jacobs
T6 R8 WELS - PenobscotDan Jacobs
T7 R10 WELS - PiscataquisDan Jacobs
T7 R11 WELS - PiscataquisDan Jacobs
T7 R12 WELS - PiscataquisDan Jacobs
T7 R13 WELS - PiscataquisDan Jacobs
T7 R14 WELS - PiscataquisDan Jacobs
T7 R15 WELS - PiscataquisDan Jacobs
T7 R16 WELS - SomersetDan Jacobs
T7 R17 WELS - SomersetDan Jacobs
T7 R18 WELS - SomersetDan Jacobs
T7 R19 WELS - SomersetDan Jacobs
T7 R5 WELS - AroostookDan Jacobs
T7 R6 WELS - PenobscotDan Jacobs
T7 R7 WELS - PenobscotDan Jacobs
T7 R8 WELS - PenobscotDan Jacobs
T7 R9 NWP - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
T7 R9 WELS - PiscataquisDan Jacobs
T7 SD BPP - HancockMichael Jensen
T8 R10 WELS - PiscataquisDan Jacobs
T8 R11 WELS - PiscataquisDan Jacobs
T8 R14 WELS - PiscataquisDan Jacobs
T8 R15 WELS - PiscataquisDan Jacobs
T8 R16 WELS - SomersetDan Jacobs
T8 R17 WELS - SomersetDan Jacobs
T8 R18 WELS - SomersetDan Jacobs
T8 R19 WELS - SomersetDan Jacobs
T8 R3 NBPP - WashingtonTerri Coolong
T8 R3 WELS - AroostookDan Jacobs
T8 R4 NBPP - WashingtonTerri Coolong
T8 R5 WELS - AroostookDan Jacobs
T8 R6 WELS - PenobscotDan Jacobs
T8 R7 WELS - PenobscotDan Jacobs
T8 R8 WELS - PenobscotDan Jacobs
T8 R9 WELS - PiscataquisDan Jacobs
T9 R10 WELS - PiscataquisDan Jacobs
T9 R11 WELS - PiscataquisDan Jacobs
T9 R12 WELS - PiscataquisDan Jacobs
T9 R13 WELS - PiscataquisDan Jacobs
T9 R14 WELS - PiscataquisDan Jacobs
T9 R15 WELS - PiscataquisDan Jacobs
T9 R16 WELS - SomersetDan Jacobs
T9 R17 WELS - SomersetDan Jacobs
T9 R18 WELS - SomersetDan Jacobs
T9 R3 WELS - AroostookDan Jacobs
T9 R4 WELS - AroostookDan Jacobs
T9 R5 WELS - AroostookDan Jacobs
T9 R7 WELS - AroostookDan Jacobs
T9 R8 WELS - AroostookDan Jacobs
T9 R9 WELS - PiscataquisDan Jacobs
T9 SD BPP - HancockMichael Jensen
TA R10 WELS - PiscataquisTerri Coolong
TA R11 WELS - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
TA R2 WELS - AroostookDan Jacobs
TA R7 WELS - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Talmadge - WashingtonTerri Coolong
Taunton & Raynham Academy Grant Twp - SomersetJim Ferrante
TB R10 WELS - PiscataquisTerri Coolong
TB R11 WELS - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
TC R2 WELS - AroostookDan Jacobs
TD R2 WELS - AroostookDan Jacobs
Temple - FranklinJulie Davenport
The Forks Plt - SomersetJim Ferrante
Thomaston - KnoxAllyssa Gregory
Thorndike - WaldoAllyssa Gregory
Thorndike Twp - SomersetJim Ferrante
Tim Pond Twp - FranklinJulie Davenport
Tomhegan Twp - SomersetJim Ferrante
Topsfield - WashingtonTerri Coolong
Topsham - SagadahocShane Duigan
Township 6 North of Weld - FranklinJulie Davenport
Township C - OxfordMichael Richard
Township D - FranklinJulie Davenport
Township E - FranklinJulie Davenport
Tremont - HancockMichael Jensen
Trenton - HancockMichael Jensen
Trescott Twp - WashingtonMichael Jensen
Trout Brook Twp - PiscataquisDan Jacobs
Troy - WaldoAllyssa Gregory
Turner - AndroscogginShane Duigan
TX R14 WELS - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
Union - KnoxAllyssa Gregory
Unity - WaldoAllyssa Gregory
Unity Twp - KennebecAllyssa Gregory
Upper Cupsuptic Twp - OxfordMichael Richard
Upper Enchanted Twp - SomersetJulie Davenport
Upper Molunkus Twp - AroostookDan Jacobs
Upton - OxfordMichael Richard
Van Buren - AroostookRandy Lagasse
Van Buren Cove (formerly T17 R14 WELS) - AroostookRandy Lagasse
Vanceboro - WashingtonTerri Coolong
Vassalboro - KennebecAllyssa Gregory
Veazie - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Veazie Gore - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Verona Island - HancockMichael Jensen
Vienna - KennebecAllyssa Gregory
Vinalhaven - KnoxAllyssa Gregory
Wade - AroostookRandy Lagasse
Waite - WashingtonTerri Coolong
Waldo - WaldoAllyssa Gregory
Waldoboro - LincolnAllyssa Gregory
Wales - AndroscogginShane Duigan
Wallagrass - AroostookRandy Lagasse
Waltham - HancockMichael Jensen
Warren - KnoxAllyssa Gregory
Washburn - AroostookRandy Lagasse
Washington - KnoxAllyssa Gregory
Washington Twp - FranklinJulie Davenport
Waterboro - YorkOliver Markewicz
Waterford - OxfordMichael Richard
Waterville - KennebecAllyssa Gregory
Wayne - KennebecAllyssa Gregory
Webbertown Twp - AroostookDan Jacobs
Webster Plt - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Weld - FranklinJulie Davenport
Wellington - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
Wells - YorkOliver Markewicz
Wesley - WashingtonMichael Jensen
West Bath - SagadahocShane Duigan
West Forks Plt - SomersetJim Ferrante
West Gardiner - KennebecAllyssa Gregory
West Middlesex Canal Grant - SomersetJim Ferrante
West Paris - OxfordMichael Richard
Westbrook - CumberlandOliver Markewicz
Westfield - AroostookRandy Lagasse
Westmanland - AroostookRandy Lagasse
Weston - AroostookDan Jacobs
Westport Island - LincolnAllyssa Gregory
Whitefield - LincolnAllyssa Gregory
Whiting - WashingtonMichael Jensen
Whitneyville - WashingtonMichael Jensen
Williamsburg Twp - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
Willimantic - PiscataquisJim Ferrante
Wilton - FranklinJulie Davenport
Windham - CumberlandShane Duigan
Windsor - KennebecAllyssa Gregory
Winn - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Winslow - KennebecAllyssa Gregory
Winter Harbor - HancockMichael Jensen
Winterport - WaldoAllyssa Gregory
Winterville Plt - AroostookRandy Lagasse
Winthrop - KennebecAllyssa Gregory
Wiscasset - LincolnAllyssa Gregory
Woodland - AroostookRandy Lagasse
Woodstock - OxfordMichael Richard
Woodville - PenobscotTerri Coolong
Woolwich - SagadahocShane Duigan
Wyman Twp - FranklinJulie Davenport
Yarmouth - CumberlandShane Duigan
York - YorkOliver Markewicz

Maine Forest Service District Foresters