Reports & Statistical Data

The Department’s Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) staff are responsible for the collection, analysis, and reporting of key Departmental performance measures. The MDOC CQI team is comprised of staff whose primary role is to provide various types of informational reports to MDOC leadership, including facility and community corrections leaders, to enable them to make data driven decisions based on real-time information.

The Data Team tracks and reports out on quality improvement efforts by the Department reporting:

  • Treatment, education, and vocational programming
  • Case managers performance
  • Timeliness of various operations
  • Resident behaviors and special management

These CQI processes ensure all delivered programming is done with high fidelity to the treatment model or teaching standards, and that staff are consistently fulfilling their duties with professionalism. Below are key reports, including the Department’s first-ever Return to Custody Reports. Additionally, you will find the most recent monthly report of the Division of Correctional Programs and Services. As the Department’s CQI efforts continue to expand, additional reports and information will be made available here.

Weekly Reports

Monthly Reports

Year-End Reports

Medication for Substance Use Disorder (MSUD)