Portable Electronic Device Vendors FAQs

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How do we print our license?

The current process is for us to email a copy of the initial license to the primary/business email address provided at the time of application.  The email will generally be sent within 24-72 hours after license approval and will come from noreply@maine.gov.  

Duplicate licenses can be downloaded or emailed by visiting https://licensing.web.maine.gov/cgi-bin/online/licensing/begin.pl?board_number=1040.  You will need your Maine license number and Access Code.

How do we renew our license? What is the fee?

Renewals can be processed via the ALMS Online service  on our website at https://licensing.web.maine.gov/cgi-bin/online/licensing/begin.pl?board_number=1040. If you prefer to renew manually, please wait to receive your renewal invoice via email and follow the instructions on the invoice. Invoices are emailed 90 days prior to the renewal due date. Licenses cannot be renewed more than 90 days prior to the renewal dates. Renewal Dates and Fees can e found here.

How do we change our contact information?

Address/Contact information can be changed 1 of 2 ways from our website here.

  1. Electronically via ALMS Online with an access code.  This will change your information for Maine only.
  2. Via paper form which can be faxed, emailed or mailed.  This will change your information for Maine only.

How do we terminate our license?

Please complete the Business Entity Voluntary Termination Form (PDF) or Business Entity Voluntary Termination Form (DOCX).

How do we obtain our Access Code?

Access Codes are printed on the license for all new licenses.  If you do not have your access code, please submit your request via email at insurance.pfr@maine.gov or call 207-624-8475 and request Producer Licensing.

How do we submit an application?

Applications can be submitted by paper only and can be found on our website here. Once completed, you may submit by email, fax or regular mail.

What are the application fees?

The initial license fee for both resident and non-resident portable electronic device vendors is $1,000.

Must each individual working on behalf of the portable electronic device vendor hold an individual producer license?

No. At the time of application, you must provide information for a Responsible Contact person who is the owner and/or employee of the vendor.

Our business entity has had a name change.  What do we do?

If there is no change to the Federal Tax ID number (FEIN) for the entity, simply complete the Business Entity Name Change Form (PDF) or Business Entity Name Change Form (DOCX).

There is no fee -UNLESS you want a new license printed- the fee is then $10.  If, however, there is a change to the FEIN, it is considered a new entity and you must go through the application process.

Are we required to provide all of the Owner/Director information for the vendor?

Only if more than 50% of its revenue is derived from the sale of portable electronic device insurance.  If so, please provide in writing the Name, Title and Address of each officer/partner/director with 10% or more interest or voting interest.

If we have more than one location offering coverage, does each location also require a license?

No, however you must provide us with a complete listing of all physical locations in Maine where coverage will be offered. To update the locations associated with the license, please complete an Update Authorized Locations Form (PDF).

What kind of advertising requirements are there for portable electronic device vendors?

At every location where portable electronic device insurance is offered to customers, brochures or other written materials must be made available to a prospective customer.  Please review M.R.S. 24-A  §7003 for specific requirements: http://www.mainelegislature.org/legis/statutes/24-A/title24-Asec7003.html

What does “Supervising Entity” mean?

"Supervising entity" means a business entity that is a licensed insurance producer or insurer. The insurer issuing the PED insurance must either directly supervise or appoint a supervising entity to supervise the administration of the sale of insurance, including development of a training program for employees and authorized representatives of the PED vendor.

How do we change the "Supervising Entity"?

To designate a new supervising entity, the insurer should complete a Change of Supervising Entity form (PDF).

What is a Responsible Person?

The responsible person is an employee or officer of the vendor who is designated by the vendor as the person responsible for the vendor's compliance with Maine's insurance laws and rules.

How do we change the responsible person or the current responsible person's contact information?

To change the responsible person or the current responsible person's contact information, complete a Responsible Person Change form (PDF).

How do we contact the Licensing Section?