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Bureau of Insurance Staff Directory
Employee Position Phone
Bob Carey Superintendent 207-624-8540
Timothy Schott Deputy Superintendent 207-624-8403
Stacy Bergendahl Senior Staff Attorney 207-624-8537
Robert Wake General Counsel 207-624-8430
Kimberly Trombley Enforcement Attorney 207-624-8418
Vacant Public Information and Consumer Outreach Specialist  
Vacant Executive Assistant  
Consumer Health Care Division
Joanne Rawlings-Sekunda Director 207-624-8472
Kim Davis Deputy Director 207-624-8550
Thomas Bell Attorney 207-624-8463
Pamela Stutch Attorney 207-624-8458
Violet Hyatt Public Health Nurse Consultant 207-624-8459
Cynthia Barre Senior Insurance Analyst 207-624-8469
Trish Nadeau Senior Insurance Analyst 207-624-8416
Julie Gagne Senior Insurance Analyst 207-624-8415
Kimberly Jalbert Senior Insurance Analyst 207-624-8402
Zachary Wanberg Insurance Contract Examiner 207-624-8473
Zachary Ruel Insurance Contract Examiner 207-624-8478
Joseph Morgan Insurance Contract Examiner 207-624-8491
Heather Greenleaf Consumer Assistance Specialist 207-624-8413
Life & Health Actuarial Unit
Marti Hooper Actuary 207-624-8449
Brock Bubar Assistant Actuary 207-624-8533
Sherry Worth Assistant Actuary 207-624-8476
Josh Winters Assistant Actuary 207-624-8453
Property & Casualty Division
Shari Gregory Director 207-624-8421
Vacant Attorney  
Vacant Deputy Director  
Sandra Darby Actuary 207-624-8427
Erica Sanderson Assistant Actuary 207-624-8460
Kelly Doustou Senior Insurance Rate Analyst 207-624-8423
Kevin Leary Senior Insurance Rate Analyst 207-624-8470
Sharon Morey Senior Insurance Analyst 207-624-8525
Charles Henshall Hearings Officer 207-624-8407
Sharon Martin Senior Insurance Analyst 207-624-8454
Amanda Colson Consumer Assistance and Hearing Coordinator 207-624-8441
Vacant Consumer Assistance Specialist  
Licensing Division
Tracy Cunningham Supervisor 207-624-8436
Hancock Fenton Attorney 207-624-8429
Dawn Kilgore Insurance Claims Examiner 207-624-8411
Melissa Williams Insurance Claims Examiner 207-624-8408
Brandie Free Producer/Agency Licensing 207-624-8419
Vacant Producer/Agency Licensing  
Financial Examination
Vanessa Sullivan Director 207-624-8452
Arias Wan Examiner in Charge 207-624-8425
Colin Greeley Insurance Company Examiner 207-624-8592
Vacant Examiner in Charge  
Vacant Insurance Company Examiner  
Alternative Risk Markets
Stuart Turney Director 207-624-8468
Alex Bourne Examiner in Charge - Self-Insurers 207-624-8447
Maureen Conn Managing Examiner - Self-Insurers 207-624-8405
Financial Analysis
Vanessa Sullivan Director 207-624-8452
Audrey Wade Examiner in Charge 207-624-8406
Jason Freedman Examiner in Charge 207-624-8431
M. Bree Sprague Examiner in Charge 207-624-8467
Lauri Cooper Senior Insurance Company Examiner - Foreign Insurers 207-624-8464
Justine Kenney Insurance Company Examiner 207-624-8438
Jane Lathrop Insurance Company Examiner - Deposits, Rural Medical Access Program 207-624-8492
Jeff Kinney Assistant Analyst - Foreign Company Licensing, Credit for Reinsurance, Reinsurance Intermediaries, TPAs, MGAs, A.M. Best Ratings 207-624-8443
Market Conduct
Connie Mayette Market Conduct Division Manager 207-624-8474
Miranda Seger Senior Market Conduct Examiner 207-624-8412
Justin Whalen Senior Market Conduct Examiner 207-624-8494
Research & Statistics
Keith Fougere Supervisor 207-624-8432
Barbra Garboski Senior Insurance Analyst 207-624-8440
Support Unit
Karma Lombard Supervisor 207-624-8540
Thomas Brooks Accounting Associate II - Billing/Accounts Receivable 207-624-8434
Kim Fleury Office Associate II 207-624-8401
Vacant Office Associate II - Invoicing/Accounts Payable