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The Bureau of Insurance is pleased to make our license information available online. All licensed individuals and companies can be looked up by name, by license number, or by ID number.

The Department of Professional and Financial Regulation is providing access to information about its licensees as a public service. Despite our efforts to be accurate, this information may contain errors. We present this information to you with a good-faith representation that it is generally reliable; however, do not rely on it for legal purposes. If you need further information, contact us directly.

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Tips on Searching:

If you are unsure of the spelling of a last name or company name, you may type in only the first few letters of the name in the appropriate field, followed by the percent sign %.

Agency names that begin with "The" must be queried by the second name of the agency. Example: The Kelly Agency would be queried under "kelly."


Due to a prior system conversion, some authority effective dates are displayed as 1/1/1901. This information is incorrect. Please feel free to contact the Bureau for additional information on these records.

Since individuals may reinstate prior licenses, please be advised that the licensee's first issue date does not always mean that the licensee has been continuously licensed since that date. Please check the history section for more information.

Most licenses are continuous and have no expiration date. For license types that do expire, the expiration date will be displayed. The current issue date field represents the latest status change of the license.

License Printing - Maine does not currently allow individuals or business entities to print a copy of their license. We will mail a hard copy to the business mailing address within two weeks of licensure. The ability to print your own license will be a future enhancement.

If you are unable to find a particular individual or company, please feel free to contact the Bureau directly.