Preferred Provider Arrangements

The Maine Bureau of Insurance provides on this page all of the information necessary to register a Preferred Provider Arrangement. Contact Us if you have questions or are unable to find what you are looking for.

For PPO Initial and Annual registrations effective in 2020, applications must be filed in paper format, PDF/Zip File, or thumbdrive.  Please include a cover letter identifying and explaining any changes in the application for the year.  Applications must be fully completed and include the financials or provide a timeframe for receipt of financials.

Important Notice:  Starting 2023, renewal notices will be emailed.  Please contact Violet Hyatt at to update your contact information by 12/31/22.

Initial Registration

Annual Registration

Annual Reporting Requirements


Requesting Confidential Treatment of Documents

Statutory Requirements

The documents on this page are also available in hard copy by contacting the Bureau.