For People with Disabilities

Open Enrollment Period

If you are a Medicare beneficiary due to a disability and you enroll in Medicare Part B before age 65, you have a Medicare Supplement open enrollment period at that time and an additional six-month Medicare Supplement open enrollment period when you turn age 65.

Your first six month Medicare Supplement open enrollment period begins the month you first enroll in Medicare Part B. After this time, your option to buy a Medicare supplement policy may be limited.

If you apply for a Medicare supplement policy during either of your six month enrollment periods, any insurer you apply to must insure you and must give you the plan you choose. Insurers may ask you medical questions during this period, but you cannot be refused coverage during your open enrollment, even if you have a medical condition.

Medicare and MaineCare Eligible?

If you are entitled to Medicare and MaineCare, it's important to know your rights about Medicare Supplement insurance:

  • MaineCare usually provides more comprehensive benefits
  • In some cases, MaineCare may prefer that you keep your Medicare Supplement plan and will pay for or subsidize the cost.
  • If you are dually eligible and lose your medical benefits under MaineCare, you have the right to enroll in any Medicare supplement plan within 90 days of losing coverage.
  • If you have an individual standardized (post 1991) Medicare Supplement plan, you may wish to "suspend" it during the time you are eligible for MaineCare, which protects your right to re-enroll.
  • Before canceling a group medical plan, check to see if you will be allowed to re-enroll if needed.

For personal counseling on Medicare Supplement coverage in relation to MaineCare coverage, speak with a local State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) counselor by calling 1-877-ELDERS1 (1-877-353-3771)