Other Coverages

Flood.  Homeowners policies do not cover flood insurance, but you may qualify for flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program or through a private insurer. Go to https://www.floodsmart.gov/ for more information. Your mortgage lender may require you to have flood insurance.

Earthquake. Many insurers offer earthquake coverage as an endorsement to the homeowners policy.

Backup of sewers and drains/sump overflow. This exposure is excluded in most policies, but can be added by endorsement. It provides coverage for a specified limit for damage resulting from the backup of a sewer line or drain, or the failure of your sump pump.

Law & Ordinance. This additional coverage pays for the extra expense to repair or rebuild your property in compliance with building codes and other ordinances or laws that did not exist when your home was built.

Personal Articles Floater. The standard policy includes sublimits for specified types of property, such as jewelry, firearms, stamps, and coins. For example, a typical sublimit for jewelry is $1,000.  Your wedding ring’s value might be much higher, but your insurer will only pay $1,000. A solution to this problem is to buy either a scheduled property endorsement or separate personal articles floater to increase the limit for these types of items. These forms are often used for cameras, fine art, antiques, and musical instruments, and they provide broader coverage as well as higher limits.