Rate Calculator Instructions

ACA Small Group Plans Rate Calculator Instructions

The Bureau of Insurance has created a calculator to make it easy for you to see the estimated rate for each of the small group plans available to your employees based on 1) the location of your business and 2) the ages of the covered members.

2023 Merged Market Rate Calculator

How to Use the Bureau’s Small Group Health Plan Calculator:

  • Enter: the number of employees and dependents who need insurance and their county of residence.
    • Note: For families with more than 3 children, enter only the oldest 3 children's ages.
  • Enter: the age of each employee and dependent in the grid that appears.
  • Click: the "Click Here to Calculate Rates" button.

The estimated premium cost associated with each plan available to you will be calculated in yellow in the right-most column.

    If you need assistance with the calculator, contact Joshua Winters by email at Joshua.D.Winters@maine.gov  or by telephone at 207-624-8453 (TTY call Maine Relay 711).

    NOTE:  Enrolling in a Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) plan is generally the only way for a small business or non-profit to claim the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit.
    The following federal sites provide information about the benefits of purchasing coverage through SHOP, and how to qualify:

    Important Notes:

    • Not all plans are available in every county. If a plan is not available in your county the Monthly Rate will show a "N/A" when you hit the “Click Here to Estimate Rates” button.
    • The family deductible is twice the amount of the individual deductible and the out of pocket (OOP) maximum for a family is twice the OOP of an individual, capped at $17,100 per family for 2021.

    Refer to our glossary of terms for assistance with definitions used in the plan and rate tables.