Become a Registered Maine Guide

New Applicants

First-time applicants are required to complete their criminal history background check through Identogo before submitting their application. Individuals who pass the criminal history background check will receive a letter from the Maine Warden Service stating that they are cleared to apply for a guide's license. A copy of that letter must be included with the completed application.

Question and Answer Guide for New Applicants

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Renewal Applicants

Read carefully and complete the entire application, signing where indicated. Submit completed application and license fee to address on application. Current first aid is not required to renew a guide license with the following exception. Whitewater guide applicants must submit proof of current CPR and First Aid Certification. Please note that we do not accept online courses. A renewal applicant whose guiding authority has been expired for 3 years must apply as a new guide and be reexamined.

Question and Answer Guide for Renewal Applicants

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Testing Process

The testing process for new applicants normally takes from 6 months to a year. Applicants must be currently certified by the American Red Cross in standard first-aid or completion of any standard first-aid course that meets the criteria established by rule of the commissioner.

Each new guide applicant must pay a $100.00 fee in each classification to be examined to become a guide. In the event the applicant fails the test, one re-examination is allowed before another application fee is assessed.

The $100.00 fee is non-refundable and will not be credited toward the license fee. Application, copies of both sides of current First Aid, a copy of the background check letter from the Maine Warden Service and $100.00 fee must be sent to: Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, Guide License Application, 284 State Street, Augusta, ME 04333.

In order to hunt or fish, a guide is also required to purchase the proper license in addition to their guide's license.

Note: You will not be sent a study packet of information. Please visit the Resource List for study materials.


  • Testing fee = $100
  • 5 year guide license = $135
  • 5 year over 70 resident = Free
  • 5 year resident disabled veteran = Free
  • Whitewater guide license = $89

Oral Examination

Applicants who fail to appear for a scheduled oral examination without notifying the board of examiners in writing or telecommunication 24 hours prior to the scheduled examination will be ineligible for rescheduling for at least one year.

Written Examination

Except as otherwise provided, applicants must satisfactorily complete a written examination in each license classification for which he/she applies. A passing score on the written examination is 70% or higher on each section of the examination.

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