Rules and Regulations

The Maine Endangered Species Act (MESA, MRSA 12§12801) protects fisheries and wildlife that are listed as "endangered" or "threatened" by the state of Maine and their "Essential Wildlife Habitats."

The Natural Resources Protection Act (NRPA, MRSA 38§480-A) protects habitats defined as "Significant Wildlife Habitat" including

  • Deer Wintering Areas
  • Inland Waterfowl/Wading bird Habitats
  • Seabird Nesting Islands
  • Shorebird Areas
  • Significant Vernal Pools
  • Tidal Waterfowl/Wading bird Habitats

Shoreland Zoning (MRSA 38§431) includes "Resource Protection" areas that may be defined by Inland Waterfowl and Wading bird Habitats [IWWH].

Site Location Law is designed to protect habitat for rare, threatened, or endangered species and unusually important habitats.

Stormwater Rules are designed to reduce adverse impact on protected natural resources (wetlands and waterbodies); additional standards may apply if they are necessary to avoid significantly altering the habitat of an endangered or threatened animal or plant species.