Maine Business Income and Sales, Fuel and Special Tax Audit Units

The Maine Business Income and Sales, Fuel and Special Tax Audit Units serve an important compliance and taxpayer education function by auditing all business-related taxes administered by Maine Revenue Services' Income/Estate Tax and Sales, Fuel and Special Tax Divisions. The overall goal is to conduct confidential, accurate audits in a fair and unobtrusive manner. We have found that one of the most important factors in meeting this objective is good communication between the taxpayer and the auditor assigned to the case. The units also administer a Voluntary Disclosure Program for taxpayers who are interested in becoming compliant with past due State of Maine tax obligations.

Contact Information

For questions and concerns relating to audits or voluntary disclosure agreements, please contact Maine Revenue Services using the contact information below. Correspondence should be directed to the appropriate unit using the following contact information:

Maine Revenue Services
P.O. Box 1060
Augusta, ME 04330-1060
Telephone: (207) 822-0450
Frequently Asked Questions

Voluntary Disclosure Program

Maine Revenue Services strives to work with taxpayers to ensure full compliance with Maine tax laws. The Voluntary Disclosure Program is a part of this effort. The purpose of the Program is to provide an opportunity for businesses and individuals with unfiled or underreported tax liability to come forward to meet such obligations voluntarily.