MEETRS File Upload Specifications & Instructions

NOTE:  As of December 1, 2022, payments for Sales, Use, Service Provider, Income Tax Withholding, and Pass Through Entity Withholding taxes can be made via the Maine Tax Portal ("MTP") at:  As of May 31, 2023, payments for these tax types can no longer be made through Maine EZ Pay.

Maine Revenue Services does not accept magnetic media.

2022 MEETRS/MTP Withholding Specifications (Q4 only)

Q4 2022 MEETRS/MTP Quarterly Specifications (PDF) 

Q4 Sample File (.txt)

2022 MEETRS Amended Quarterly Withholding Specifications

Final 2022 Amended Withholding Specifications (PDF)

W-3ME File Upload Specifications & Instructions

Final 2022 W-3ME File Specifications (PDF)


1099/W-2G File Upload Specifications

Final 2022 1099/W-2G Specifications (PDF)


W-2 File Upload Specifications

Final W-2 2022 Specifications (PDF)


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