About Outdoor Partners

Outdoor Partners, MDIFW's Landowner Relations Program, is led by Corporal Kris MacCabe and Corporal Andrew Smart. The program works to preserve Maine’s longstanding tradition of public access to private land through:


  • Promoting courteous, respectful, and responsible land use
  • Giving users the tools and the knowledge to earn and maintain landowners' trust
  • Educating landowners about their rights, liabilities, protections, and options


  • Securing partnerships with landowners and user groups
  • Recruiting organizational, implementation, and promotional help from conservation groups, recreationists, and land trusts
  • Aligning with different state agencies, including law enforcement
  • Getting businesses and members of the public involved
  • Maintaining and promoting the Maine Outdoor Partners Program


  • Providing landowners with solutions and assistance, including signage options
  • Authorizing, organizing, and equipping law enforcement in problem areas
  • Organizing programs and events like Keep Maine Clean and Landowner Appreciation Day

Whether you're a landowner looking for information on your rights and liabilities, a sportsman new to Maine and its unique landowner laws, or a Mainer who cares about preserving access to the wild outdoors, we're here to help. Please explore the resources on our site or contact us any time.

Corporal Andrew Smart
(207) 287-5240 Office
(207) 557-5083 Mobile

Corporal Kris MacCabe
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(207) 557-0839