Boundary Description for the Expanded Archery Season on Deer - WMD 29

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Wildlife Management District 29
(Maine's Coastal Islands)

District 29 shall be that portion of the state located within the following bounds: Beginning at the point where Egypt Stream enters into Egypt Bay in Hancock; then following Egypt Bay and Sullivan Harbor in Hancock southerly to the Atlantic Ocean; then following the coast of Maine southwesterly to the Maine-New Hampshire border in Kittery. Islands: District 29 includes all coastal islands seaward of the first upstream bridge, which are not connected to the mainland at low tide, via automobile causeway, or by man-made structures (such as a bridge).

Exception: Islands located in the towns of Franklin, Gouldsboro, Sorrento, Sullivan, and Winter Harbor are not included in WMD 29.

Ensure you are hunting in WMD 29 and not a bordering WMD.
The bordering WMD may not be open to expanded archery hunting.

If the island is connected to the mainland by a bridge or other man-made structure, causeway, or connected at low tide, the island is not part of WMD 29 and is not part of the WMD 29 expanded archery zone. Examples include but are not limited to, Mount Desert Island, Westport Island, Verona, and Deer Isle/Stonington which are connected to the mainland via low tide, a causeway, or man-made structure and are NOT part of WMD 29.

WMD 29 is located on the Delorme Maine Atlas and Gazetteer Maps # 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16, 23, and 24.

Note: The Town of Islesboro will be open to archery hunting during the Expanded Archery season established for WMD 29.

Important Note: The discharge of firearms and archery hunting equipment is prohibited by ordinance on islands located in the City of Portland and Long Island Plt. in Cumberland County. This eliminated the possibility of hunting deer in these towns at this time.