Boundary Description for the Expanded Archery Season on Deer - Castine Area

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Town of Castine:

That portion of Castine that is south of Wadsworth Cove, the British Canal, and Hatch Cove, referred to locally as Castine "on-neck".

Important Note: The Expanded Archery Area in Castine is small and heavily developed. Many parts of the "on-neck" portion of Castine will be off limits to archery hunting by landowner choice. Common sense dictates that all archers who intend to hunt the expanded archery area in Castine plan ahead to obtain landowner permission to hunt.

Deer hunting in Castine neck will occur in places frequented by homeowners, hikers, and joggers. Please exercise maximum caution and courtesy while hunting. Please avoid dressing your deer where entrails may offend others. Transport your deer whole to a more suitable site.

Please account for all your arrows prior to leaving your hunting site. Do not leave arrows in the field.Expanded Archery Map for Castine