Boundary Description for the Expanded Archery Season on Deer - Augusta Area

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Augusta Area includes portions of Augusta, Chelsea, Farmingdale, Gardiner, Hallowell, and West Gardiner:

Beginning at the intersection of State Route #105 and Church Hill Road in Augusta; then following Church Hill Road northerly to Stevens Road; then following Stevens Road westerly to Riverside Drive (U.S. Route #201/State Route #100); then following Riverside Drive southerly to the Central Maine Power lines (south of Sherwood Drive); then following the CMP lines westerly across the Kennebec River and Interstate Highway #95 to the intersection with Old Belgrade Road (State Route #3); then following Old Belgrade Road northwesterly to Civic Center Drive (State Route #8); then following Civic Center Drive southerly to Leighton Road; then following Leighton Road southerly to Old Winthrop Road; then following Old Winthrop Road easterly to Interstate Highway #95; then following Interstate Highway #95 southerly to State Route #126 in West Gardiner; then following State Route #126 easterly to U.S. Route #201; then following U.S. Route #201 southerly to Marston Road; then following Marston Road southerly to Capen Road; then following Capen Road easterly to River Avenue (State Route #24) and easterly to the western shore of the Kennebec River; then following the western shore of the Kennebec River northerly to a point directly west of the Ferry Road boat landing in Chelsea; then crossing the Kennebec River easterly to the Ferry Road boat landing; then following Ferry Road easterly to Hallowell Road; then following Hallowell Road easterly to Cony Road; then following Cony Road northerly until it crosses State Route #105 (South Belfast Avenue) and becomes Church Hill Road at the point of origin at the intersection of State Route #105 and Church Hill Road in Augusta.

Important Note: Within the city limits of Augusta, you must obtain a permit from the Augusta Police Department in order to participate in the Expanded Archery Deer Season. Bow hunters are encouraged to contact the Hallowell Police Department for information on municipal ordinances affecting the discharge and possession of a bow and arrow in Hallowell

Expanded Archery Map for Augusta Area