Join Maine's Newest Citizen Science Project

The Maine Bird Atlas is a NEW statewide citizen science project starting Spring 2018 that everyone can help with!

When the project is finished, we will have answered two key questions:

  • 1. How many breeding and wintering birds are there in Maine?
  • 2. Where exactly can they be found?

The results will be published digitally and as a book, and will serve as a go-to resource for everyone from wildlife biologists to birdwatchers, students, environmentalists, artists, and more.

To contribute as a citizen scientist, you don't need birding experience; all you need is a desire to get outside and make some observations. And if field work isn't in the cards for you, that's ok, too. People and businesses can support this project in several different ways.

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About the Project
First things first. What IS a bird atlas, why does Maine need one, and why is it a big deal that we're creating one this year?
Read all about it here.

How to Get Involved
You can contribute as a citizen scientist, as a donor, as a tech helper, and/or by spreading the word (tweet tweet) on social media.
Find an option that works for you.

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How can I help?

Adopt an Observation Area
This involves putting in 20 hours of observation time across a nine-square-mile area, or 'block,' either on your own or with a team. We put over 4,000 observation blocks up for adoption, and they are going fast! Find available blocks near you (or near where you vacation), and adopt your favorite one today.
Browse the interactive map.

Post Individual Sightings
Not ready to commit to an entire block? No worries. Every observation counts! Just download the e-bird app to add your backyard and on-the-go sightings to the Maine Bird Atlas portal.
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Donate or Sponsor a Species
Businesses and individuals can support Maine's wildlife through a tax-deductible contribution. Species sponsorship tiers range from $30 to $2,000 per year, and donations of any amount are welcome.
View donation and sponsorship options.

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What's next?

Submit Data
Learn how to submit your findings here, whether you're using pen & paper, your desktop, or the e-bird app.
Log observations now.

Download Materials
Need to print a vehicle placard or landowner access letter? Review the volunteer rules? We've got you covered with this collection of Maine Bird Atlassing essentials.
Grab what you need here.

Keep in Touch
Let's share our findings! Follow the Maine Bird Atlas blog to get updates from Maine's wildlife biologists, and chat with fellow Atlasers on Facebook and Twitter.