​​Free Asthma Education Sessions for Maine Healthcare Professionals

Sessions are ongoing, in-person at your location, customized to your needs, and with flexible schedules.  ​   

​Subjects include:  

  • ​Diagnosing asthma  

  • ​Spirometry testing  

  • ​Asthma vs COPD  

  • ​Assessing level of disease severity  

  • ​Medication use and administration  

  • ​SMART and MART recommendations  

  • ​Prescribing valved holding chambers  

  • ​Educating patients  

  • ​Asthma Action Plans  

  • ​Assessing level of disease control  

  • ​Maine's Asthma Self-Management Education Program for patients  ​   

​Sessions are offered in partnership with the Maine CDC Asthma Prevention and Control Program.  ​  

​To learn more, contact Christine O’Connor, Certified Asthma Educator Specialist (AE-C).